Dating website for "caregiver's only".

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They have a dating website for "Farmers Only", they should put one up for "Caregivers Only". At least we all understand for the majority of what we caregivers go through and how difficult it is to find "alone" time. With someone going through what we are, even 10 minutes outside alone is enough. We would also be able to understand some of our "emotional outburst" we go through. Especially for us single caretakers whom wish to still find a life as well as take care of our loved one.

Just a thought, or wishful thinking... feeling extra lonely today. Holidays are coming up. I'm not looking forward to any of it. At all. Wish I could sleep through it and wake up Jan 2, 2014.


What a wonderful thought. I would guess the women would out number the men, but that's pretty much most dating sites anyway. We don't get out into the "real world" often enough to meet people, and having the same situation would be great. Nobody understands our lives like another care giver.
Ha ha, I had thought about the more women less men scenario. I do know a man I dated years ago whom I've stayed in touch with who is and has been caring for his mom for 3 years, but he's on the other side of the US :(

I always feel I have more problems in life and I would just be a burden and look needy trying to date someone. My mother isn't that bad just yet....but she cannot be left alone, ever! Neither does she ever want to go anywhere...


must be the rain...
Have ou looked into a "Meet Up" in you are for caregivers, or any other thing you may be interested in? This will give you an reason to at least break away for a bit and speak to other adults.
I'll be honest. I'd stay the h*ll away from any 'care giver' dating site. I took care of my mom for over a decade. The LAST thing I'd want is to date a man that was taking care of HIS mother., or whoever..and, God forbid, tried to get me involved in it. *shudder* I can't imagine why anyone would date someone taking care of an elderly parent full time. That's sad, but true. Where would the couple find the TIME for each other? This site is full to bursting with care givers that can't find the time to get out of the house for themselves for a couple hours! How in the world would they find time for a relationship? Establishing a relationship takes time, effort and in the world is a care taker going to commit to YOU, when they're already committed 24/7 to someone else already? In my own experience, I walked around in a fog the last 3-4 years, totally and completely exhausted. Dating crossed my mind once in a blue moon, but I immediately rejected it. If I had any spare moments at all, all I wanted to do was grab some much needed sleep. And sex? Forget it. I was so d*mn tired it was all I could do to shower, let alone try and dredge up the energy for a romp in the hay.

My mom is now in a facility, but I'm still exhausted. I'm getting better, but normalcy isn't going to happen overnight. I need time to myself just to find ME again, forget trying to get to know anyone else at this point. Eventually, yes, I would love to have a new man in my life, even get married again someday. But if I do find someone, and find out they're a full time caregiver, game over. I'm running for the hills. I can't see an idea like this working at all, all things considered. :/
Thanks StandingAlone for your honesty. If we can't be honest with our emotions and thoughts, then what is the point anymore?

Life doesn't have to be a 24/7 challenge. Caretakers are special people, we take everything so seriously (least I do) it is hard for us to have fun, relax and simply enjoy life like others seem to be able to. I think denying ourselves of "natural instinct" feelings kind of makes us a bit more bitter in life. I do not want to end up bitter and unhappy, neither do I think my mom would want me to. Heck, she still want's to be playful and have fun. It is in our nature. I took mom to see her only brother whom is a few years older than she is. Of course she did not remember who he was and could not understand how HE knew about HER mother....LOL, but it did not stop her from being flirty and fun with him.

Trust me, I know things are going to get much worse in life....for mom, and for me. I am going to do my best to not let this kill me nor my spirit. I just can't...I'm too young (49) ...normalcy is over-rated and probably zero fun. We have enough hardship in life to add any more to it.

There are many people out there who are kind loving and understanding. It is up to US to make what we are doing for our parent's as best as possible. yea yea, I know I say this now and might come back here another day crying about how bad my life is, but you know what? could be worse. Damned if I am gonna dwell in misery and shit for another 5 years. I love my mother more than that and love myself just as much.

Caretakers are awesome people!
An after thought...

If they can have "GlutenFree" dating sites, "ClownFree" dating sites...they sure as hell can have a "caregivers' website!! LOL Just saw this on the Ellen Degeneres show.....hmm, maybe I should send her an email!!

Have a wonderful peaceful day everyone!
I agree with SA I cant imagine dating someone in my position what do we talk about Poo and Wee? and how do they get urine out of carpets? how romantic!!! NAH! give me a date with a very funny guy thats what we need!
I am married, but I read this link and thought heck yes!! I know pee and poop are not romantic.. but my hubby and I talk about it.. it's a thing we deal with in real life as it now is. Relationships are about support! Who else knows what we go through and dosen't run for the hills? The question was about dating... first things first.. then all the rest. I think everyone needs to get to know others who are in the same boat. male or female! Maybe you will make a great friend instead of a romance.. that's great too
changed my mind.. read a few posts and decided this is not for me. WHY WOULD I DATE SOMEONE ELSE THAT DOESNT HAVE TIME!!!!. My spouse is residing in a memory care community .. I am just getting my own life back.. I want someone that has nothing but time to give to me at this point.. After 10 years of taking care of someone else.. it is my turn.
SA's full of crap as always. two people could have a blast caring for an elder imo. youd get twice as much done with half the effort and frankly if a gal wouldnt help me with my obligations, self imposed or otherwise, i dont need her. id help her with hers.
i dont care, im hung up on shirley manson of garbage fame anyway . the kaiser bill hairstyle finalized the obsession.

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