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First my mother died from neglect by a nursing home.They said they could get her back on her feet.When I removed her from there she weighed 65lbs.Dad took off the bandage {seven layers}he screamed.We called an ambulance and she later died{one week}of sepsis.Now dad is falling all the time and refuses to sleep.He told me tonight that he is afraid to lay down,he might die in his sleep.I can not put him in a "home".He refuses to listen to me and says I am mean.If I were mean he would go to a home.Thank you for this board.


Dear redson, welcome to this site! You can talk, we will listen and try to offer advice when asked. Does your Dad have alzheimers/dementia? Come back to us, and let us know how you are. Nauseated
He has not been diagnosed with it ,but I think so.I have a call in to his doctor and am waiting for their call.Thanks again.

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