My dad will be going soon.

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He isnt eating now after barely eating- or only water for 3 weeks...
I know there are many posts like this, but putting it in writing makes it real.
Went to see him yesterday and at first thought the bed was empty, he is so small.
This great strong WWII Battle of Hatten veteran could barely open his eyes...
Sigh.... so today I will say to go ahead with hospice - Siblings making the trip this week.
I cannot believe I havent visited my mother last week, I will have to tell her place whats going on. Guess I have to call the funeral home to see what they do...
rats....this..... I dunno :(


Mica, sorry to read about your Dad's condition. I went through that with my Mom a few months ago. Sometimes we try to think of this as a blessing in disguise as your Dad probably doesn't want to continuing living like this.

Yes, get Hospice involved, they will make sure your Dad is comfortable, and will answer any questions you have about what to expect in the next couple of weeks. Hospice can almost predict to the day or two when the family should all be there.

As for the funeral home, it might be good to get that in order now. Hopefully Dad left his final wishes for you to follow. The nursing home will call Hospice who in turn will call the funeral home you had listed on the information form they have you fill out.

It's rough when we have both very elderly parents. I remember telling Dad to have his caregiver take him to see Mom, to which Dad said he saw Mom at noon and didn't want to go back. It was his evening caregiver who was very insistent that Dad go that evening. Maybe she had a premonition.... Dad was glad he went as Mom passed the wee hours of the next morning.

Thanks flyer, I bought his cremation a long time ago, got a triangle flag in frame, but forgot to buy an urn- i will just buy it from them. I reserved a place in a vet cemetery too- oh and bought a stone paver at a memorial park.

really do not know if any of my family could mentally handle being there at his last moment - we are all quite broken from abusive childhood- I suffer from
dissociation when it comes to him, even typing this I am becoming fuzzy...
I will call the NH and ask them to get hospice paperwork going...
thank you (heart)
Meeting my sisters at dad's today. Picked out an urn yesterday.
Feeling.... ? Not sure how I am feeling, like I have to be strong and get through but weak.
Hoping, wishing his sister comes in spirit to greet him.
Just dont want to see him like this- wish i could avoid the whole thing...
Only one spark in this is that a new baby will be arriving soon also....
Mica, I know what you mean. It's not easy seeing one's parent in this state... you rather remember the better times.
A new soul came to earth and my dad went home yesterday.....
Both came and left very quickly..... amazing
Mica, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Mica, try to remember the good times and let go of the bad. When a bad memory invades your thoughts, redirect your mind to better days. I hope that helps.
Mica sorry.. Take it one day at a time.
Condolences on your loss, and congratulations on a new family member.
Thank you all SO much!
I awoke that morning with such bad chest pains I thought I was having a heart attack. Then around 10am My brain went blank, like a void, I couldnt move for a while... I called the home just to see how he was doing.
He had been talking to them that morning, then at 10:05 he had a quick heart attack and passed.
So glad the entire family had made their peace with him that week, and he said he wished he could have done more- they all responded he had done so much for them.... I got to lay next to him alone and talk about feeding the birds and mountain climbing.. We were all broken by him, but in the end I feel peace was made. SO thankful he didnt go the morphine coma route-
I feel truly blessed.

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