I walked in and all my dad’s IV's were gone.

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Dad's in the hospital right now and when I came in bright and early the other day all of his IVs were gone, vanished, kapoot, nowhere to be found. He didnt remember having them and I was surprised they were gone. I checked with the nurse just out of curiosity and she said he took them out on his own. OH MY! I told my dad then that he wasnt suppose to take out his IVs and I sure hope it hurt like the dickens when he did it. Boy is he stubborn!!!


My dad did the exact same thing,couldn't blame him,who would want needles stuck in them,but when they started restraining him like a harden criminal,it wasn't too ammusing.It was upsetting to the both of us.My dad prided himself on being stubborn,I think thats way he lived as long as he did.He had a unbreakable spirit.
That is not unusuall Pts. pulling out there IV's and anything else that can be removed, If someone in the family could stay with him while he gets his meds. to disract him that would be good-check in the hospital and see if any volunteers would be available or if you know an older person in your area they might like to do that if someone could get them to the hospital.

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