Dad sleeping a LOT. Not like him AT ALL.

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says he has heartburn too.he never ever tells me when anything is wrong with him, i can usually tell by looking at him.but hes always very active for 84,but past few days hes been sleeping all day, his eyes look watery/puffy almost like hes been crying, but i dont think its that.the last time he looked like that was when he had to be hospitolized for bile in his stomach, and the hospitol treated him very badly, so i understand why he sure doesnt want to go back there.( i wouldnt take him there anyway, id goto the next town with the better hospitol.) im going to call his doctor tomorow and make him an appointment, but i know he will put on the smiley 'nothings wrong' face.hes not a baby, he still does pretty well, but its really frustrating to sit here wondering if im being overly cautious or if i listen to him, and do nothing, then he gets sick, that would be bad.i cant get through his head that a check up with the doctor ( he likes this doctor, very good doc) telling him what is actually wrong and fixing it is way better than a hospitol visit later. or having to deal with pain because your stubborn..see, hes 'superman' (to hear him tell it.)
so am i worrying for no reason? or is sleeping not a bad thing, but a good thing that hes finally getting a little rest?


you are right to worry, follow your instincts - take him to a doctor ASAP - persistent heart burn is a sign of angina - heart trouble.. sleeping too much could also be a sign of heart trouble due to limited blood flow.
aahh!! now you got me worried, wont sleep tonight, but id rather hear the truth.. i would have called today, but it was a holiday.( columbus day) yes, first thng in the morning, i will be calling his doc..thanks.i can hear him belching, we ate the same thing tonight, nothing spicy, im not belching.
i definatly want him healthy, hes just so stubborn!
Sorry to make you worry but, really, at his age you have to watch for these rapid changes. I hope I didn't make you panic for nothing!! I'll feel bad.... be sure to let me know how it goes.
i got him an appointment on thursday morning. he agreed to go.. see, what gets me, is im worried about sounding 'over protective'. what he does, he will be sick a few days and i ask himn how he is, hes always fine, but when i call the doctor, he is all the sudden better and i dont know if its a really good act, if im just tripping, weird timing, i dont know!! thats what gets me, hes sick, and i know what sick looks like, i know what it sounds like when somebody is throwing up, you cant fake that, not usually anyway, so he mysteriously gets better... or he pulls himself back up? i dont know, today he looked and sounded just fine, but for almost a week, his eyes puffy, throwin up, belching, i waited a week because i dont want to look like a worry wart,does any of this make sense? drives me crazy!!
I wish I had an answer for you. My Dad is the exact same way. He will always tell me he's fine when I know something is wrong. My Dad is 81. At least your Dad will go to the doctor, mine refuses. He will tell me he'll go and then when the appointment time rolls around he refuses. About the only medical help I get is from the Registered Nurse that comes every other week. We do have a program in our area that I am attempting to get him and my Mom enrolled in. It's called Life and they would go 1 to 5 days a week for a few hours. This center has their own physician, physical therapist, etc and they keep an eye out for changes and address them immediatly. It will also give my parents some time with others their age and a chance to participate in different activities. If your Dad is a social person like mine you may want to check in your are to see if you have anything like this. I found out by calling my local Office on Aging. Good Luck....hope all goes well.
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I don't think you are worrying for no reason. He could be having some very serious issues. As you say, he could avoid a possible hospital emergency if he goes to his doctor. You may want to see if a friend or non-family member of some kind can talk him into going. Third parties can frequently help get through the stubborn attitude put on for families.
good luck,
Se - you don't sound weird. My mom did the very same thing - feeling "fine" when it comes time to visit the doc. It's like they believe that all is well if the doctor says so. Go into the visit with him and tell the doc about these symptoms you saw. If he won't let you go in then write down a list and give it to the nurse to give to the doc. The puffy eyes, vomiting and belching could also be symptoms of food allergies. It's not uncommon that they develop allergies as they age - docs don't want to believe it but it's true. Mom developed hay fever at 72 and a latex allergy at 78.

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