Dad has been in skilled nursing home for 3 months and AL for 6. Rants about going home everyday.

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We keep saying perhaps in time. etc...but he says he will never get used to living there and that's it! Won't believe staff that he needs care 24/7


What is the reason for your Dad being in a nursing home? If he has memory issues, I read that some elders will say they want to go home, but by *home* they mean the house they grew up in.
memory issues from a stroke, incontinence, inablility to walk, difficulty performing tasks etc.... he has a "perfectly good house" & "why won't they let him go back to it". It just never ends. I thought acceptance was part of the process.....
First, get him better meds to help him calm down. Second, encourage him to socialize with other residents by NOT visiting while activities are going on. Just fill in the gaps ONCE a week. Once we pulled back, mom got more involved. NEVER take him back to the house, his anger and obsession will flare. Not even for a drive by, it gets really ugly.
Where is he now ... AL or Skilled Nursing?

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