My Dad passed away in a nursing home from a heart attack.

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He was in high care he didn't eat just slept all day would wake up when I was there just wondering in hes last days leading up to the heart attack would have he been given any pain killers or something to make the passing pain free. All I got out of the nurse was he was struggling to breath ask for he's inhaler when she returned he had passed away. I stress about if he was in pain or was he drugged out prior to the heart attack and would have he felt any pain when he had the heart attack when I did go to see him he was hard to wake didn't know who I was once and was angry with me once that he was in this nursing home he never liked beening in the home but when he was at home he didn't wash and slept most of the day he just got in the car and went driving we didn't know were he went we got a call at 4am in the morning to say he had a car acciednet the was what lead him to the nursing home he was accessed as needing high care I still feel guility about how we put him in the home and he always wanted to come home he only came out of hes room once had a look around at the other people at the dining room after that he never came outside hes room again


Smithy, you had a few answers to your previous question on this.

Now it sounds like you are feeling guilty.... there really isn't, least not from me, that will sooth you. If you "feel" you did the right thing by your father and had his best interest at heart, there is no need for guilt.

Some elderly never get used to a NH but need to be there.
thanks Jeanette I only had one reply and thank you for your reply I will get over dads passing it takes time I guess
It's been 18 months since my dad passed, took me all that time and I do still wonder, but deep down I know I did my best. It's very hard.

Take the time to grieve your father smithy... he is probably glad as heck to be out of that place and onto different adventures.
Dad or mom it does take time to let go are you a believer hugs

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