Dad passed away during the night.

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My Dad died last night.
My comfort is knowing he had the happiest days these last 2 months. Happier than he had had for years.
I am so grateful to his home care giver. She came in 6 hours a day for 6 days a week and made his life brighter and happier than anyone could remember for a long, long time. I cannot praise her enough.
Yesterday he was very confused....even during the day hours. His care giver came over yesterday on her own time to comfort him and help him! Last night at 11:30 pm he was calling to me for help. He had taken his oxygen off and was claiming the oxygen concentrator was trying to kill him. I calmed him down, put him back in bed, put the oxygen back on him. This morning he was gone.


My condolences to you, Katiekate. This is a great loss, and also, I imagine, a great relief. I am so glad that you got to see your father have happy days in the final part of his journey. May those memories help you cope with your grief.
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm so glad for you that he had such a wonderful helper in his last weeks and that he was able to slip away in his sleep.
I'm so sorry you lost your dear Father.You have done a great job.My prayers are with you.Take good care in the days ahead-
I'm so sorry for your loss! Your Dad has now found peace. Bless you.
((((((Hugs))))) -so sorry for your loss, but glad he had such good care and was happy the last two months. You have been a good daughter - may you have peace.
So glad you had the few months to see him content and mostly happy and improved. Glad he passed peacefully. I'm forever amazed at the quality of people on AC that give so much to their parent's care. Take comfort in knowing you were there for him at the end of his life, and may your faith and love comfort you after your dad's passing. More (((hugs)))
katie, I am so sorry. I know you didn't expect him to leave last night. We never know these things. You worked hard to make his life pleasant in his last months. I know he was grateful to you and his other caregiver.
Katie, I am so sorry for you loss. May he rest in peace.
(((Hug))) so grateful for the happiness he had. Peace and Strength for you
I'm sorry for your loss.

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