Dad with dementia being hostile and difficult, I'm afraid of violence

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My dad is never easy to deal with but in the last few days he's been very sulky, angry, and bordering on violence. I haven't been able to leave him alone and he keeps yelling at me, telling me to get out and not come back. I'm afraid to leave even for a couple of hours because I'm worried in his spite he might go into my room and break things to let my cats outside. Everything I do sets him off and then he yells at me, refuses to eat, and threatens me physically (I could totally take him and I really want to because when I was child/teen he was physically abusive). I don't know what to do to get some peace. I thought about trying to get him in the car and taking him to the emergency room, saying he was being violent but he hasn't actually been violent yet. I'm more scared he'll do something if I try to get out for a couple of hours. Friends and family tell me to just go and leave him, but I can't make myself - I'd worry the whole time. I take the emotional blackmail anymore. I'm looking into homes but there's a waiting list and I can't get him placed right away.


Put a new bar of soap in a tube sock and bust him over the head with it. It would be like a 26 week course in good manners only quicker and cheaper.
If he becomes violent and you feel threatened, the best thing is to go to a safe place and call 911 to let them know what is going on. The police and probably an ambulance can take your father to the ER. You can request that he have a geriatric evaluation. The hospital may be able to find something that will calm your father down. I would not let him come back home until he is calm. I hope that this phase does not last long.
I agree with JessieBelle. This sounds like a police matter. What about when you are asleep, could he try to kill you then? If he even comes close to being violent, get out of there and call the cops. Secure your animals first. No human being should have to live like this even for a second. Continue to look for homes even if they have to be far away. But some of these homes, the private ones, won't take a violent person.
I agree with above posts. In addition, before something happens, you could contact elder services in the town and ask to speak to someone in protective services. It appears he might require medication on a constant basis at this time and if he is combative; he won't go to the doctor with you. Protective Services helped me tremendously with some problems I had been having and were so supportive. Be pro-active if you can - he needs help and you need support. Sending hugs to you and stay safe. Take care.

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