Dad can't work after surgery, has 0 money, but bills keep coming.

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My father is unable to go back to work after having surgery (and spending 2 months recovering from it). He has a few dollars left in his account, but his medical bills are starting to arrive.
Any ideas how I can help him deal with this issue? He does not quality for SS or medicaid at this time. He is too old for disability. I am not sure when, if ever he will go back to work.

Has anyone been in this situation before? What helped you?
Please help, I'm at a total loss.


How old is your dad? Does he own a home? Why do you think he is too old for disability, but not old enough for Social Security? Could he file bankruptcy to get out from under medical bills? I'd like to make some suggestions, as would others, but you need to give us more information. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Cattails
If he is too old for disability, then he must be old enough to collect social security, right? Is there some other reason he is not entitled to SS? He doesn't qualify for Medicaid on medical grounds, or financial grounds?

He probably qualifies for some help somewhere, and one place to start looking is to make an appointment with the social worker at the hospital where he had surgery. That person should be able to point you in the right direction for fnding help.

As cattails said, more details would be useful.
Thank you for trying to help. My dad is not eligible for social security because he is not a citizen yet (just green card). He is 69, and when i called about disability help, they said people over a certain age do not qualify and that included my dad.
Ah. I am sorry for the trouble your father is facing. I think that starting with the social worker at the hospital might be a helpful beginning. Best of luck to you!
I have just had a Total Knee Replacement and I am not able to work. I do not have any money. I can't meet my monthly bills. I have no one to help me.
I need help or guidance on what to do.
Bonita, curious why you can't work after having a total knee replacement?

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