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Family feud....step daughters are ruling the house in which I live and my husband living with dementia and delirium.....they have no right, their cousin is the POA.....I had POA but somehow when my husband was in the hosptial in November (after stroke and psychosis) they replaced me with cousin....My elder care attorney says we have to go to court for will certainly be contended by says the court will probably have to appoint court conservator....will there be one for medical and one for financial? I will just be happy not to be tormented by children that don't even come visit...they just want control of everything! Money 12 years of neglect towards "daddy" they are jumpin care, just control....any info on 3rd party conservatorship? I guess that's what it is called...?

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Look it up on your state government site. Conservatorship has to do with the control of finances. The conservator will dole out the funds however they see fit, but will have to report to the state anually. It can be reversed. You need an elder attorney.

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