Coping with long term caregiving.

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I have been caregiving for my invalid wife in nursing home since 2007 and before that at home since 2005 (See my profile for more details).

I am doing well, consider it within my capabilities to visit her daily, usually twice and yet, now and then, over the long term, I get just plain old tired..I have a motorcycle which I ride alone in the country in good weather for relaxation. I am very fit due to eating just right (no sugar, low fat, plenty of fruit and veggies, etc.)

I just wanted to introduce myself and share caregiving experiences..



Welcome Bob.. I'm sure you'll have helpful advice to many of us who are on this caregiving journey...
Yes Welcome! We look forward to hearing your experiences and wisdom. Hopefully we can help you, as well. This is a great place to vent (not whine) about frustrations and such. You will find many helpful and kind people here. again, welcome to AC.

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