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I've been caring for a 98 year old woman and sometimes it feels too much with everything else going on.. How do you all cope?


Are you caring for her 24/7? You need some time for you to do what you want to do. Take a walk. Go to a movie. Read a book. Take a nap. LG onto this site to vent if you need that.
Your profile and post make me think this is not ur Mother? For me it was hard dealing with my Mom let alone someone else. More info please.
This web site saved me, even before I began posting I was able to read about other caregivers with similar problems and educate myself about so many issues that I couldn't find answers for any where else.
RP1234, some of us stop coping and say it is time for that person to moved to a skilled facility. Your profile says you are taking care of someone and now it sounds like it is too overwhelming, thus you will be ready to crash and burn no matter what you do.

I assume you are getting paid, correct? Where is the family? Time for the family to make plans for either a caregiver to come into the house to give you a break, on Mom's dime, or time for your client to move into continuing care. Caring for someone with Alzheimer's/Dementia can be very overwhelming mentally for the caregiver, beside being physically tiring.

Ask yourself this question, what would happen to the client if you are no longer there? Where would she go?

Sorry, once we reach a point where we are asking how to cope, it means a time for a change.

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