Mom just volunteered me to bring more food to brother's house for Thanksgiving.

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Brother invited us over to Thanksgiving dinner, which was nice. I asked if he wanted us to bring anything and he said sure, whatever we wanted. I said I would bring potato salad. Mom asked if we could take her onion pudding. I said okay. Mom doesn't cook anymore. Her vision and cognitive impairment from stroke make it hard for her to see quantity and measure things. So guess who's making the onion pudding? Plus, of course, the potato salad I want.

So today brother calls Mom and she asks him if there's anything else we can bring. He asks that we bring dessert. Now Mom wants to bring two homemade pies, too! As if she's making them! We are leaving early AND having family over tomorrow! And whatever we bring, I still need to go to the store.

My husband said to buy it all store made. I think I might. But I am amazed Mom would volunteer me this way. This is a first.

Isn't Thanksgiving fun?


Cook what you want to cook. Let Mom buy the other items she volunteered.
Sounds like a familiar story. My mother keeps telling me we'll need to bring more and more. I remind her my brother & SIL are the hosts this year and if we take any more we won't have room for her rollator. Ma's and Thanksgiving, what can we say? They always want to feed their families even after they can't cook anymore.
What is onion pudding????
:) . I guess that's true, JessieBelle - they still want to feed everyone.

Onion pudding is a casserole mostly of onions and eggs - kind of like a quiche or souffle. Requires a long time cooking the onions and then a long time baking the casserole.

Oh, and of course they don't make Mom's "cheese pie" (cheesecake) in stores. And it is my other brother's favorite. Never mind that he is old enough to make it himself now. :)

I like your suggestions jeanniegibbs. :)
Yes....let him make his own! I looked up recipe. Sounds yummy. Never heard of it before. Onions are good for you. Doc Oz so.
I have to update on what happened.

My husband was right and I am so glad I didn't cook 2 pies and the potato salad. I did get up early on Thanksgiving and cook the onion pudding. We drove to brother's house (2 hours). And he had so much food cooked that we didn't need to have brought anything! And on top of that, his girlfriend cooked two pies. The same kinds of pies that Mom bought at the store. I have to admit I was a little angry at them all. Mom made it sound as if my brother (who is going through a divorce and financial problems) needed all the help he could get and we'd all have a sad dinner if we didn't contribute. But it turned out there was too much food for the seven of us. Way too much. And homemade pies to top it all off.

I left the pies with them - don't need more dessert in the house. And no one wanted Mom's onion pudding, so we took it home.

I'll know better next time.
Yes, the next time - will that be Christmas and/or New Year's Eve? Thanks for updating us. I like to read threads that have an ending and not leave us hanging - wondering what happened. =)

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