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My Mom has been with me for 2 years and seems better than when she came. I could be wrong but she seems more alert, she still needs assistance but she bathes herself, and keeps busy around the house. She does have short term memory issues but sometimes I feel like she has been misdiagnosed, is this normal ? I just don't see a lot of the things that I hear.


Aveeno my mom has no short-term memory. So she can't remember what you told her 90 seconds ago. It affects her life every day, but she's still able to live on her own in an independent living facility (with a LOT of help from me). She has a daily routine and as long as she follows that routine, she's fine. Her cognitive abilities are definitely declining, but she doesn't have Alzheimers, i.e. she still knows everyone, knows words (does a crossword puzzle every day), follows current events to a degree, can call the front desk of her independent living facility (or me) if something goes wrong. What she can't do is remember how old she is, how to balance her checkbook, to turn on her AC when it gets hot in her place, things like that.

So I'm not sure what you mean exactly with your mom, but she may be like mine. No short-term memory and some cognitive decline, but definitely not Alzheimers.
That is what I was wondering, My sister and niece keep telling me to get over it and that mom is going to go down hill until she can't do anything. Well I have her and I do not see that at all, the doc said it was Alzheimer's but I don't think it is. Her memory is bad but she still cleans around the house, laughs and talks to everyone, she knows everyone and calls them by name. No she is not good with some things but I really do not see the stuff that I read about Alzheimer's or dementia. Thank you I pray everyday that she will get better and look for anything positive so your answer was such a help.
I think a lot of my mom's issues have been caused by the medications she's been on for her heart. She has CHF (congestive heart failure) and atrial fib. Her meds slow down her heart and I think that limits the oxygen to her brain. But she's pretty stable at 95. I just tell myself that every day she's able to stay on her own means one less day (if any) that we'll have to deal with anything else like a nursing home or assisted living. Hugs to you...just keep hanging in there. Doctors and nieces and sisters don't know everything. :)
95 that is very impressive. Thanks for the encouragement we all need that and my family is very negative.

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