My condolences to all who have lost a family member recently.

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I am sending my condolences to all forum members who have lost family in the last few months. In sifting through some recent (and older) posts I have read about a mother or father who have passed.
I really wish that we could have an "In Memoriam" corner in the forum so that we do not miss reaching out to someone who has lost a parent or loved one.
Caregiving is so isolating and overwhelming, that losing someone special creates such an ubrupt end to all the chaos; and I think that it is just as hard to deal with.
Again, my heartfelt condolences and please feel free to post here if you have lost someone recently.


that is a good idea lilli . i came across to some and didnt know thier parent had passed , send them hugs ,
hugs to all the caregivers ! xoxox
thank you,i lost my husband 18 days ago,it is like a nightmare;that i cant wake up.only those who have lost someone that is loved so much,can understand our feelings.ialso lost my MOM in 12/24/10.iwas her caregiver for more then 2 years.she lived with us for22 my two loved ones are gone almost one after the other.GOD and our y5 children,are keeping me,sane.but is so very very lonely without my husband. thank you all.and may GOD bless you all for caring.
Cargi: My most sincere condolences. I am so sorry for your double loss so close together. It is like slamming on your breaks...going from crazy busy to so quiet. I hope that time is the healer everyone says it is.
piratess2011: so sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. My condolences.

You're absolutely right. An "In Memoriam" corner would definitely fill a void that makes some of us isolate and fall off the map for months at a time. After all, WE are family and need to look out for one another.
Ed, I agree. Most of us here have no one among our family and friends who either understands our role as caregiver or how incredibly draining it is, so we rely on each other here in the forum. When a parent passes, all the extended family goes back to their lives leaving the caregiver to deal with extreme grief and lonliness....and the feeling of "what do I do now."

I encourage our site managers to consider a special place where people can post the passing of a loved one and for others to send their condolences and offer support. And I encourage all who have lost a parent to stay here and share their wisdom with those of us who are still struggling with this journey.

And I agree, too, we are family...true family members do not turn their backs on you when you need them.
This is a great idea!
Our good friend Ludwig517 lost her mother recently. I would like to offer her my sincerest condolences. You were a wonderful daughter and I hope you can find serenity in knowing that she suffers no longer.....Lilli
I lost my best friend Sunday morning - mom. I will miss her. I feel like I should have done more. I feel guilty, hurt, sad. I miss her voice. My eyes are red from crying and my nose is sore from blowing it so much.
RG1232011 - lost mother last week .
sorry for your loss ...

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