A complete 180 degree change.

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We 're at the hospital because mom is more confused and getting agitated. She's ok as we are in a room waiting for the doctor. Next thing she is totally angry, won't talk to me. Then we tell her, we ordered supper for her she is calming down acting silly. Nurse comes in to take her to her room. Jumps off the bed walks like she's ok and 8 years old...we're shocked..happened so fast.


Make sure they check for a UTI!
Is this what you call "sun downing?"
Sorry this is happening...keep us posted.

The last time my mom was in the hospital, this group kept me sane. I'd like to return the favor.
We found out she may have a hernia or something around her stomach. She gets a sore stomach after each meal. Doctor is doing tests. Worried.
Yes, I'm glad I found this site too..thank you for sharing your experiences, they've helped me.I still have problems using this site...
Chappy, you've recently had a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT? Please take care of yourself, first and foremost.

Im going to give you some advice i got on this site. Your mother is in the hospital. I sincerely hope that they can figure out what's wrong and fix it. But here's the thing. You are not in good health, and your mom has become too hard for you to handle. You need to let them know, once the crisis is past, that you are seeking long term placement for her. They will most likely want to send her to rehab after she's been in the hospital for a few days, and if discharge planning knows that you are seeking to place her, it may make a differnce in where they advise you to go for rehab.

We're all thinking good thoughts for you and mom tonight.
Make sure you let the doctors know that her current behavior is surprising even you. Hopefully they will keep her overnight for a legitimate reason.. but "not just to observe" ...or you might find that Medicare will not cover it. We all hope that your doctors will find a reason for her behavior and certainly a cause for her distresses stomach. Rest while you can for certain.
Chappy hope all is well!
My Mother has sun down syndrome and the dementia happens more as the sun goes down until the next day. It became more apparent while she was in the hospital for pneumonia and stayed for two nights. The second night she was just as your Mom and was spitting mad at me for reasons only she knew and then as the sun came up she was much better. When she came home this behavior continued and was very bizarre in which she was on the floor more than in her bed. We finally got a medication that helped a lot called Seroquil only we had the generic. It has improved her quality of life and the families so much. Mom's up to 50 mg a day now. She often doesn't sleep through the night but she's in bed and the hallucinations are kept at bay now. I'm hoping that your Mom's mental condition improves with her physical wellness and nothing is serious. If not, please try an elder care physician in your area. It can make a great improvement like it did with us.

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