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My MIL's is reaching her final months and some family members are asking why God would allow pain & suffering etc.
It brought me back to my husband's death four years ago when I tried to figure everything out.

When my husband died.......I couldn't find God.
My faith seemed to have disappeared into the wind.
It was dark and lonely.

After about six months I dared to really search for Him again.
I willed myself to turn my back on the dark and fought and clawed my way back to Jesus and to peace and hope.
Hope is a better place to live.

Our son said to me: "At best, we humans are ants in comparison to God. Suppose you were the smartest ant that ever'd still be an ant". That's true. Lots of things are just above us. We'll never totally comprehend this side of eternity.

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Loss is the price we pay for loving any living thing. I don't believe that God allows pain and suffering; it is just part of being a living organism. He did promise to always be there and never leave us. He waits with open arms to welcome us back at anytime. I truly don't understand how folks live without the peace and comfort of faith in God.

Prayers of comfort for your family and MIL.

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