Coconut oil, Newport's book.

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Hi everyone, looks like I'm in a question asking mood tonight. I just came across Mary Newport's book "Alzheimer's Disease what if there was a cure?" about medium chain triglycerides (MCT)/ coconut oil for dementia particularly Alz. I just got it so I haven't read it yet, but initial pages look very interesting. How many here are seriously trying this now? What about the concentrated MCT esters?


Nobody in to this?
I'm curious but very skeptical. I don't believe the medical industry "hides" natural cures, so I'm doubtful when there are no studies. Just bought some pills on a 2 for 1 offer, so he'll try it.
There was an earlier thread about this that sounded hopeful, so we are trying it out...only time will tell.
I think coconut oil is a good thing and I mix it with applesauce. It is easy for the elderly to eat it that way.

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