Just wondering about coconut oil for dementia.

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I have been reading about coconut oil and all the benefits it has. I was just wondering if anyone has been using it and can you tell any differences. My mom has dementia and I read quit a few stories how it has help in someways. She now hardly talks and I read where a husband stopped talking and now he has been on coconut oil he has started talking again.


Coconut oil could be great. But there's not a lot of medical evidence suggesting so. I'm afraid the one case you are referring to was "documented" by his wife (who is apparently a physician). But please also note that she was also trying to sell a book about it.

Nevertheless, I looked into it because I've seen so many claims of this or that. Despite the fact that she had something to gain with selling her book, I hoped that she would document her discovery with some actual scientific study methodology or at least some corroborating testimony. She didn't. Her methodology was non-existent, and she didn't offer a single corroborative statement by anyone.

But.... I also did some research on it for my Dad. And I found out it really is a good oil anyway, has quite a few nutrients, and at least wouldn't hurt him. I was having a hard time getting him to eat, and anything if it was good for you and he'd take it, I'd be happy for him to have it.

We called it our liquid vitamin, and I'd give him an ounce 3 times per day. He loved it and we were happy with the addition of the calories and something he liked. But as a help for dementia? That's a no-go. At least for us. I never found a single other case where anyone has claimed the dementia value.

Now, I'm not saying the lady was lying. Her husband may well have improved at some level. But was it a TIA that he recovered from? Was it something else? What's happened to him since then? Was the oil actually responsible for any increase, or would it have happened anyway. Or did it solve another problem he had that had been suppressing his mental function? She offered no evidence.

The human body is an amazing thing. Improvements and declines happen every day, so ascribing them to this that or something else from an anecdotal standpoint.will often lead to wrong conclusions.

Given all that, give your mom a sip of warm oil. If she tolerates it well and likes it, why not? Just don't expect the dementia to improve.
its good for dry skin . i use those on my dad . bath lady comes in and says wow nice skin !! i use a tsp of oil in pa s food . helps him to have bowles easier . does wakes up ur brain abit . i use it myself and put em in my coffee . keeps my lips mositure , love that stuff . fry ur food in it is alot healthier than regular other oils ..
My husband went and got some today and I am going to start using it for mom. I know it isn't a cure but if it would just help some with her talking and maybe move around some I will be happy. LOL I am also going to use on my dog...I read that if dog has dry skin and itches all the time it will help. So my dog has this problem so what the heck I will give her some also.
Coconut butter is good too. It can be eaten alone, or it can be combined with apple sauce, if one has difficultly eating. Coconut butter and coconut oil can be purchased in individual packets which is very convenient.
They also said that not everyone responds the same way to coconut oil. Only people whose bodies can't break down glucose in order to get it to their brains, are going to see the benefits. Apparently coconut oil gets to the brain to nourish it, when glucose can't. Either way, my husband and I are using it. He has a double whammy on his side with dementia, so what the heck?
I used last night with our baked sweet potato's and also sauteed mushroom and onion in place of butter. I didn't miss the butter at all and my mom never knew any difference. Today I am going to give to mom like papadoc said 1oz 3 times a day and also my dog did like it also.

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