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My mother lives in a Personal Care Home. There are six woman there. I call my mom every day. She is 99 and has all her faculties.
My mom told me the CNA yelled at her so I told the owner of the house. I was visiting and told the CNA the handle to the toilet was broken I repeat myself and she said "I heard you" Today I called my mother to give her a message and she hung up without saying good bye. I have been a RN since 1976 and worked in geriatrics and now working with Dementia and Alzheimer's patients.
I am so angry at this CNA I want to slap her silly. If my patient does not hear I walk right up to her and I am kind to all family members. I gave spoken to the owner but it us so hard to communicate with her.


Sometimes we need to pick our battles depending on how important they care.

When my Mom was in long-term-care, I never complained about anything because this was my first rodeo and the Staff had been on hundreds of rodeos. They knew what was best. That way when there was something urgent, they were very quick to help me out.

The home was probably waiting for a plumber to come, and the residents might have been chewing the CNA's ear about the handle, too. I would have been snippy, too, if someone else brought up that handle.
Well i am a RN snd have to do things i do not want to but i do it and I am respectful.
I wiuld never yell at a patient either. I have been atound the block in the medical field since 1976. Just saying. The toilet handle was broken for weeks.
Well I just spoke to the owner. All i ask is for respect!
Life can be very stressful at times, as you well know as you work with Alzheimer/Dementia patients.

You don't know what the CNA had to deal with before you were there visiting. Not everyone can be bubbly and cheery in such situations.
I can understand one incident but there have been several

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