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god get with the times. how about a gallery for personal photos, alerts when you have hate mail, and pronouncing who made the last post on a thread. allowing youtube links would be rather " 20th " century too. the dead sea scrolls were more interactive. ok, im being melodramatic now , but how about provisions for that too?


Heck, I would be happy with an old fashioned chat room. (Wow, calling it that made me feel very old.)
I would like to see who the last person who posted was. Sometimes I remember the number of posts in a thread. Sometimes I don't. I am all the time going to check to see if anything new has been posted.

But who am I to complain. This site is free and I've met some wonderful folks here who I know I would like if I met them in person.
we ARE old, give us what we want at no cost or we'll tear this place down.. what we lack in consumer leverage we more than make up for in just good old fashioned hippie entitlement attitude.
@ jesse, trust me we suck in person. anonomity is the SHIT!!!...
fire a couple of those " capns got booze tonight " moderators and hire a programmer. damn keep your eye on the ball..
I agree Jess. This site has helped me through more than a few tough times.I get so frustrated and think I have it so bad...and then every day I read about someone that has it so much worse. There but for the grace of God....
On another forum I am on we have parties!! ( my idea, TYVM) . I was in charge of the contests-I had questions about the show our forum was about and the one to get the right answer first got a "prize"--a gif--( look it up --not my forte--I cannot explain it) and posters would down load appetizer pics and drink pics and we had links for our favorites songs and we all got loaded together !!--haha-by the end of the night the posts were rather indecipherable!!! It was a blast. Some posters were afraid we were going to get kicked off but we didn't!!! For goodness sake it was for a Real Housewife show-like they don't condone bad behavior! well, Bravo did end up canceling the boards but I take no responsibility for that ! We opened up our own now!

I think this forum is a nice place for info and simple chatting but I do wish we could upload more photos to share. And those GIFs. They are nice and fun. And smilies. I wish we had smilies. I use them a lot usually. It helps let the reader of a post know if the post was in fun or sarcastic or sympathetic . Sometimes , with these posts, it is hard to tell the what the tone is supposed to be.
Unless it's cptn, then we KNOW it's sarcastic.;)
this site is sterile, antesthetic, misery and id personally light my own farts to break up the despairity..
HA cap'n...tried to visualize that and I think my head almost exploded!
I wish there was some way to build a "friend network" where posters who connect well with each other (similar circumstances, senses of humor,etc) could converse more directly...let our hair down a bit more so to speak. Don't know if I'm expressing this clearly.

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