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We will not be moving in with them. They have another home. we were offered this one, however, we will need a stairglide and need help with moving and getting rid of things. we will pay rent. we don't know what to do. the landlord is hinting, raises his voice at me sometimes, and wants us out of here. they keep raising our rent. mom is 86 me 60 what shall we do. i am disabled adult caregiver


Are you in HUD or Belmont housing? Why do they want you out? What city /state do you need housing in?
we tried section 8 housing but our incomes combined we make too much. if one of us pass away, we are stuck. we both contribute to rent and utilities. we are on a fixed income and i think the landlady wants to keep raising our rent because of the taxes she states goes up. they have other rentals they get rent from as well and even pay some of the other tenants utilities for them. we are in their single home renting for 20 years now. i live with both my parents but my dad died years ago. i am on disability and i don't make much money. mom ss is pretty good.
helpus, how is your lease written for the current home you are renting? Is there a clause that says what percentage the landlord can raise the rent each year?

If you have been in the house for 20 years, has the landlord done any updating while you were there? Such as a new roof, new appliances, new carpeting/flooring, etc. Yes, property taxes on a home do go up, so does the cost of maintenance/repairs.
there is no lease. it is month to month

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