Chronic heart failure and CHF.

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Mom has been on hospice for 2 mons now and she is slowly going down every day.. she ready and we all know that. me and my sister stay with her and my only concern is I don't want to be there by myself when she goes.. I don't think I could handle it..i know she is suffering and she will better off in heaven where she will be free of all sickness and back to her old self.


When my father was very near the end, a hospice nurse kept my mother company at his bedside most of the time. The almost-full-time nursing started a few days before his death, when hospice judged that the time was at hand. This was a great comfort to my mother. You might ask your hospice provider whether they do this. When my father finally stopped breathing, the nurse consoled my mother, took care of all the "business" details---the call to the mortuary, seeing my father taken properly to the funeral home---and stayed with my mother until she, herself, told the nurse that she was ready to be on her own. You probably won't be alone; if you are, in that very moment, it won't be for long. Hugs.
If you are feeling panicky, you call Hospice and they will help you.
thanks for the may have pnuenion..don't know the right spelling...they did xrays and we should know something soon...when they get pnuenuion,,sometimes they cant survive thru it...right? I don't know...just wish god would take her that wrong to say??? I do love her but just don't want to see her suffer....
I think you mean pneumonia? Yes it is pretty common in late stage Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Take her temperature and write it down for the visiting nurse. If you have morphine, a half dose will help open her airways.
now she started throwing up last sisiter gave her some phergan..fixing to go relieve her..i will to you updated
she has stopped throwing up and sleeping most of day because she finally stopped throwing up at 430 this morning..have not heard back from the xrays so i guess no news is good news...
Hicky, I hope you called the nurse to report the vomiting. Any new symptom warrants a phone call.
mom is better still a long road its been 2mos sine she has been in hospice.there are days she looks bad a feels bad.but anyday her heart copuld stop.
Im so sorry hickybottom, I hope your mom is at ease and hope your not alone when the times comes, I feel the same way with my dad and grandpa. Both dad and grandpa have CHF but my dads heart is worse in he has fluid build up, congestion etc, hes in the last stage as well. I agree with the others to ask a nurse or someone there to be 24hr on with you, or some other family or friends. Even a good neighbor? Your in my thoughts and prayers,hugs.

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