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We are having the family get-together tomorrow evening for Christmas. Today I am cooking. The turkey is on. The fruit salad is made. The biggest problem has been trying to get the kitchen to cook things. Mom doesn't really have a grasp on time anymore. She spent over an hour this morning cooking breakfast. I want to cook some things this afternoon and the turkey comes off in an hour. I asked her to please come get her lunch so I can start. So she's doing laundry, instead. Bless her heart, but... sigh. This dinner is not going to happen. (Hmm, my return bar isn't working right now for this message, so I'll continue below)


Well, back to Christmas. I had the bathrooms all cleaned and ready to go. Then... you probably already guessed... she had an accident. I'll clean again tomorrow. It should only take a few minutes.

(Hey, my return bar is working again!) I noticed we're not having any holiday threads this year, so I thought I would start one. I'm certainly looking forward to Sunday evening when I can kick back with a warm cup of coffee and nothing else to do.
I have used a gas grill as an oven. I light the two end burners on LOW and leave the middle two OFF and that gives me a 350F oven to bake pies. Since I live in NY, I use the covered patio as a refrigerator and things stay around 35-40F. Never leave food on an unprotected patio; my neighbor's dog brought home a standing rib roast. LOL. She did NOT try to find where he got it.
Sounds like you need a hearty laugh. In reversing rolls, I wonder how many Christmas dinners you kids were interrupting her making dinner with accidents, etc. Sounds like paybacks. My Mom is 89 and they could be twins today. Keep tugging your bootstraps, your in for quite a ride. .
Momsy, I don't remember back that far. :) I do remember when I was a bit older. She doesn't like anyone in the kitchen when she's cooking, so we quickly learned to steer clear. We'd creep in after she was finished to see what delicious Christmas treat she made. She liked making candies, so Christmas was a time to fatten up. I got the butterscotch candy made now and the house smells wonderful. It is like it is really Christmas now. It is easy to not be in the holiday mood when there is sickness and dementia around. Maybe we should cook candy every day to make things more cheerful.
Butterscotch candy, now your making my mouth water. Christmas sounds better already, enjoy it dog gone it. I have to admit, I don't let anyone in the kitchen with me either, but it hasn't made me a bad Momsy yet. Sometimes it's hard to imagine it could be worse, but we've had some tough Christmas's in the past. Christmas eve five years ago we had to stop life support for a family member in a terrible accident. I'm hoping the family will be strong enough to celebrate their life this year. I hope you and your Mom can try to have some fun together. When we loose someone I always find myself saying " we thought we were just having fun, but we were really making memories to hold in our hearts forever. My Mom's not affectionate, but the other day I was strangely compelled to hug her. It was very awkward at the time, but afterward and now I find it somewhat comforting. Maybe we've forgotten, the little Christmas child in all of us. This cold miserable time of year I guess we'll just have to paint our own rainbow.
I'll say it again, Holidays suck.
Emotions.....expectations.....and people who push all our buttons. Yep, it must be the holidays! Hang in there, everyone. When all else fails, savor one good thing. There has to be one, right?!? Even if you make it -- or make it happen -- yourself.
Yup. One good thing -- the smell of butterscotch wifting through the air, followed by the rich smell of pralines bubbling in the pan. And seeing how the turkey and candy all turned out perfect. I can already see the turkey and ham and fixings spread out on the table. I'll worry next year about if my pants will still fit.
Jessie that butterscotch and pralines smell real good. I can imagine how you feel. My mother doesn't cook to often. But when Im off I try and do a nice breakfast. There are times when she just seems to be in the way always. A lot of the time she is just roaming with no intention. But you know when I thought about it its always been the same way. Even now when I call myself getting on her about putting open cans an things that can spill in fridge. I work three nights straight and the fifth night the kitchen is a horror. Stuff spilled on stove not to mention move suff spilled and caked in fridge.

What gets me is that its always been this way and I never payed it much mind until she got nastier and nastier with her assualts. I guess to blind side me to what I was doing. I was always trifiling and such. Now I see who really was and its nothging I can do about it. History is that everytime I make something good happen wheter a barbecue, xmas, Easter there has always been interference even sabatoge by my mother. Seems like she naturrally curtails my good intentions and rhythm.

So Jesse yes, you deserve a nice kahlua or even stronger stuff. When all is said and done you kick back, relax and enjoy your Christmas. Dinner is very stressful especially if you are the only one making it happen. Make sure you have some of your homemade candy which sounds awesome and some other treats and play santa to your self.
Jesse sounds like you made a spread. Was the smell of the candy soothing to your mother also.

It just truly hit my mother that Xmas is this Sunday. I think yesterday well last night she had curtains down which she just put up a few months ago worring me crazy. When I left for work she was gone and windows bare. Every christmas she change curtain and change around the living room. So she rearranged last week. Last year she put tree up and threw garland on it. It stayed that way. I could not bring my self to beautify and decorate for a family which has no regard or respect for me or anything I have done for my family. I saw the light last too Christmas's no gifts for me not even a token. I am that person who makes sure I have something for everyone and anyone who stops by for Xmas. YOu know hats and gloves. So to me the intent was a little too strong for me to keep going threw and realizing its the same spirit all my life Ive been fighting and ignoring.
Sorry I keep going on and on about same issue.

Christmas is hard. I mean every day should be a day we show love and appreciation. Its that love that makes us cook, shop and clean and work our arses off to make someone happy..

It also feels good even if its stressul.

I work these next two weekends but I do plan to have nice dinner with my mother . I have the roast beef, and ribs in, want to get a ham and bake a chiken with stuffing. I have never ever baked a turkey :) my son does an awesome job. But I leave the turkey to the pros. Will probably invite neighbor next door who always check on her and friend couple of blocks away whom I haven seen in a while.

It makes me feel good to cook and have people to eat.

So I feel for you good people outthere who tonight ad tommarrow night and Sunday will be hustleing and bustling to make a happy Christmas for your loved ones.

God Bless, and Merry Christmas

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