A Christmas Reverie.

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Silent Night

Quiet today, her joyful voice.
Quieted at Christmas, for the first time.
How many times she sang, and how beautifully,
across the years, the decades.
But that expression of heart and soul is gone now.
Faded. Evaporated, along with precious memories,
and we are left in silence.
Me, lost in reverie, she in a gray mist.

Our treasures have become mine alone,
while she retains little, beyond breath,
and days following long nights following unmemorable days.
Still, she has our love. My love. For the duration and beyond.

Thankfully, the sound of her sweet voice echoes in my heart.
Strong, never to be forgotten.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart.


Beautiful poem. I can tell your love has not faded. Thank you. I hope you have a full and warm Christmas.
Beautiful. It brought tears, not for the loss....but for the unending love. Thanks for sharing this.
Unending love, to be sure. After years of caregiving, my wife went into skilled care in November, 2011. I spend about 3 hours with her each day, her advocate, a caregiver still. But this is no burden. This is my privilege. We share the blessing of 50 harmonious years together, and I do for her what I absolutely know she would do for me were our roles reversed. There have been many challenges on this lonely road, but faithfulness and love have helped us overcome each of them.
Kyrie Elieson.
Lord have mercy.

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