Christmas gifts for caregivers in nursing home.

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My husband is getting excellent care at a nursing home. I want to give some kind of gifts to the staff. Do you have some suggestions? Hugs to you all. Corinne


Gift cards to local eateries,( cracker-barrel, applebees, TGIF,, etc) very good chocolate (See's Cholates(yum) available online, or a pre-paid visa card good anywhere (this is what my grandkids want). Anything consumable with a choice.
Thanks, Here. There are so many people caring for my husband and I'd fear I'd leave someone out. What do you think of some kind of treats left for all at the nursing desk? Sending a hug. Corinne
OH yes. Great idea. Everyone likes snacks. And that is such a thoughtful thing to do. I may do that too. Thanks for the idea. Hugs to you also.
My mom asked me to bake her favorite cake for the staff. Cause handing out gift cards becomes to expensive. There is that likelihood that somebody will be left out. When mom was at her senior apartment, I baked a variety of breads she would give them to her friends with the card. My time is limited this year. But I think baking the cake is going to work out good.
Happy holidays to all
I do bags of cookies and boxes of chocolates at different times throughout the year. I try to get something sugar free- I don't have good sugar free recipes. The local grocery bakery's sugar free stuff is pretty good.

There are 3 main shifts here, days, nights and weekends. I will try to have it ready by the 2nd week of December to avoid the onslaught of goodies later. I have always done it early with the vet's office, etc.

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