I need to chat with other people in similar situations as myself.

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I am 53 years old & I look after my 85 year old mother 24/7.


This isn't exactly live chat, but people come and go on the forum throughout the day and will respond to any questions you may have. Reading through other threads and using the site search function for specific questions can also be very helpful, that's what I did for several months before I started posting. Ask a question and I'm sure someone will jump in to help!
Marie, welcome to the forum. This forum had helped me so much that I wished I would have found it a few years earlier.... I would have done things differently.

Tell us how long you have been caring for your Mother. What this your idea or Mom's idea? Is she in your home or are you living with her? What are her medical issues? There's a store house of knowledge here on just about any type of situation.

Start typing, we are listening.
Marie, Last time I checked, I was still alive. But I know what you mean technically about a live chat.
Here on the forum, when I had an emergency question about a low blood pressure, the advice I received saved a trip to the E.R. for my family member, and it was very reassuring to have my friends who know me standing by, walking me through those few hours on New Years eve.

What do you need help with?
Marie, there are numerous Facebook groups related to dementia and caregiving, some of them will use the new live video feature. And the message function on Facebook may help you when a member of these groups is also online.

Call the Alzheimer's Association they have live 24/7 support available. I would imagine most of the disease related research groups would have 24/7 support as well.

Try googling online live chat to find real time help as well. I have no idea if you will find something that way or not.

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