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I wanted a place to post all those little victories and good news. Mini celebrations and such.

I will start. My mother is always fighting UTI's and each one takes a little more out of her, mentally and strength wise. After not speaking to any of us caregivers for days and becoming so weak that moving her is like moving a 170 pound sack of potatoes....

Last night, Mom initiated conversation (it was gibberish but she tried), she used her legs a little when I was lifting her to move her and the best part was when I was moving her to the toilet she misunderstood my instructions about where to put her hands and ended up grabbing me in a big bear hug. I jokingly thank her for the awesome hug (just about the very first hug she has given me in my life) but needed her to grab the grab bar. Well, we both ended up in a huge long belly laugh. Her interaction, good mood and her strength lasted until she went to bed.

Maybe her latest antibiotic had finally worked, maybe it was a fluke but I am celebrating anyway.


Celebraing here too!
Now what can I celebrate?
There's a new snow fall so I needn't go out.
The Dr told me not to lift more than 15 lbs for a week.
So I can't put wood in the stove.
Hubby could't plug in his new electric car as we had a power cut.
No problem I found yards of extension cord plugged into my kettle outlet which the generator supplies.
The generator started up automatically so I did not have to go out in the blizzard to reset it.
The cat was out of water so hubby refilled her dish.
Didn't notice that the litter box needed cleaning.
The dishwasher has gone into the witness protection program.
The fridge / freezer did not qualify.
It's Saturday and I don't have to work. Actually I have not had to work for the last ten years of Saturdays but I still get PTSD when someone cherefull in half a dress tells me it is the week end.
Can't think of anything else to celebrate.Maybe I'll just have a glass of sherry to celebrate IF there is any left!
My celebration is that I finally mailed in my DNA to Ancestery . com.   It's only been sitting on my desk since this past Christmas.   Hopefully I will get my results by the end of the month or next month.... and to see if I am really the nationalities that my parents claimed.

Another celebration... I found on Ancestry my Mom's mother's real first name.   I am doing the family tree, which is turning into a huge red wood tree, and I had a feeling my grandmother's name was a nick name.   Lo and behold and doing tons of digging, I found her real first name :)   So now I think I have also found the names of her parents, where before I couldn't.
My good brother came out all on his own last Tuesday with no prompting from me. Then, he showed up again today with his family for a visit. It was a good visit with Mom until she started drifting off to sleep. He even said he might try to come again next week!! Mom had been feeling so abandoned by her boys.
Thanks for starting this thread mom2mom. Glad to hear your brother's visit has cheered your mom. Its always nice to be surrounded by family.

Freqflyer - I've always wanted to do the same thing and get my DNA sent to You'll have to let us know what you find out.

My blood sugar numbers are better than they have been in a year!
My youngest brother, who lives 5 hour drive from mom's NH just texted me that he had a really good 3 hour visit with her and that she talked and was "bright-eyed".

I asked him to come up this weekend because I am sorta kinda spent due to middle child's late pregnancy problems. Needed the weekend to recover from work. Amazingly, I asked, and he said yes!!
my mom smiled :)
I'm celebrating the fact that I'm starting to feel like my old self again after 3 months of being stuck in bed due to shoulder/neck pain and an arm that keeps going numb, plus the added "fun" of the upper respiratory virus AND the stomach virus that went around here. Pretty sure at some point I was in pneumonia territory and may still be hovering in that territory, but no fever, just the cough and gunk in the chest. I'm just glad to have normal tummy function again and be coughing somewhat less and able to move around a bit more!

Neck issue still has me working from bed, but I am able to get up and around and do things from time to time now, and not be in constant pain, and I *do* have a pinpoint now on what's actually going on, and a plan to see a specialist to get it dealt with. Whether it's just injections or something like surgery, at least it will be done with soon.
Celebrating our tight knit community here, appreciating all of you!
Was that too sappy?

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