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Has anyone been following CBD Oil? I have read some amazing things about it and wondered how many people are aware of this. It is an oil found in Hemp plants, they separate it from the THC found in Pot and you do not in anyway get high but it is has amazing healing property's for many things. I saw a video, they used it to treat a little girl that had approx. 400 seizures a week and it stopped her seizures, they say that it should be legalized soon, actually the FDA put a squash on it, they were to legalize it in December 2014, it is legal in 26 country's they say it is the possible cure for Dementia and Alzheimer's and it will stop it dead in it's tracks. They are giving it to people with cancer and having great results. I wish I could post the video, I found it on Facebook but can't figure out how to post it to this site. Just the though of having something like this available brings tears to my eyes, My stepson has seizures about every 2 weeks, the last round was just terrible I had never seen them so bad and of course Mom suffers with Alzheimer's. If you have not read about it please start to research it, From everything I have read I can't wait to try it on Mom and Brandon. There is hope out there for all of us, so I hope when you read this it brightens your day.


Aveeno, yes I have read where oil from marijuana can help with certain type of seizures. Whether it would work for your stepson, only a doctor would know.

As for the oil for dementia and Alzheimer's, I did a quick search on the Internet but all I found were pro-marijuana websites boosting about it. I will need to dig into the National Institute of Health's website to see what the pros have to say about it.
I have also been reading a lot about it due to my step son, they are saying it could be a cure for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS and they are using it on certain types of cancer with great success.
I followed the CNN reports on charlotte's web, a variety of medical marijuana helpful in uncontrolled seizures. I would be very skeptical about any claims of cures, whether for cancer, alzheimer's or whatever. While some formulations seem to be helpful for symptom control and improving quality of life, those claiming more than that are probably heavily invested in improving their own bottom line at the expense of the desperate and vulnerable.
Aveeno, on the National Institute of Health website, here is the most current finding.

'Medical Marijuana' Pill Falls Short in Dementia Study, Researchers had hoped to ease anxiety, agitation and wandering

"WEDNESDAY, May 13, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- So-called medical marijuana pills may not ease the common behavioral symptoms that affect people with dementia, a small study suggests.

In a trial of 50 dementia patients, researchers found that pills containing the main active ingredient in marijuana were no better than placebo pills in easing agitation, aggression and wandering.

However, that doesn't mean the approach is a failure, the investigators report in the May 13 online edition of Neurology."
Cannabinol does not cure the cause of the seizures, it just slows down the nerve transmission signals to the point of blocking them. Unfortunately it slows down memory and coordination and judgment as well.
Will the child's seizures stop? Yes, but there will be a trade off in the form of memory impairment that affects learning. They will be about as functional as any pothead you know.
My understanding is that the chemicals that make you high are not in the CBD oil. I hope they are able to utilize it for Epilepsy patients. (I have a family member who has brain tumors that cause seizures.) There are clinical trials now. The regular prescribed medications for epilepsy DO make the child drugged up, plus they often don't control the seizures very well. I've seen this first hand. We do have hope and pray that this oil will offer some relief.
In the research that I have done, the CBD Oil does not make you high at all. Its an oil that is extracted from the plant. I know I have read stories that children were having over 400 seizures a week and when put on this they stopped or went down to 1 -2 a week. There have been many moving to Colorado just so they can legally get it from a doctor. any information that anyone has I would appreciate. I'm not about to give him anything that would make him High just doing anything like all of you to find someway to help him. The doctors have told us that one day he will not come out of the seizure and that is just unbearable to think about. He is special needs but you have never met such a wonderful sweet young man. He is just a doll to be around and fully capable of working a repetitive task and wants to so badly but the seizures stops people from hiring him. I understand but its just heart breaking to sit and watch this.
Thanks for that Aveeno. I have a special needs child in my family who is in search of relief for seizures and I hope this oil holds promise. It has been approved for clinical trials in my state.
What state are you in? I'm in Texas and I don't know if its been approved or not.

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