Distribution of cashed in life insurance policy.

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No one seems to meet my answers. I know my mom had to cash in her life insurance. Isn't she still allowed to keep two thousand. She right now doesn't have a penny to her name. The ninety dollars from her ss is not enough to help her with her personal needs. Any answers?


When Mom cashed in her life insurance, what did she do with the money? If this is a Medicaid situation, then, yes, I believe she could have kept $2,000. Why didn't she? Does she have a pre-paid cremation/burial agreement? She is allowed that, too.

Please provide a little background and more detail about what you want to know.
pochahantas I need a bit more info, if you can answer these questions, it may help me to help you. How are you paying for her living expenses now? Is her only income $99.00? Does she own a home or any other assets, accounts? Is her life insurance policy available to cash in prior to her passing on? What are the terms of the policy is there a beneficiary named? Any info or anything in your circumstance may help?

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