Hopefully the Casey Kasem media mess brings awareness to Lewy Body & all Dementia Diseases.

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I feel for his children. I see this happen through others here on AC when family members take control over their family member. Hopefully they find where he is and a reconciliation happens.


A&A, and Donald Sterling where on a television interview stared she does not recognize her estranged husband any more. Shelly Sterling thinks Donald has dementia. When I watched the short CNN interview DS seemed confused, unable to focus on questions, etc.

And Pat Summit, Michael J Fox, Maria Shriver's dad, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Glen Campbell and many others have/had some form of dementia or Parkinson's. I think theses diseases weren't undersood and often hidden from the public as if they were somehow shameful. Anybody going public with their disease or that of a loved one is going to help raise awareness.
I remember when it hit the news last year. His children decided to take her to court. Their father was getting worse, and she decided to stop them from visiting. She insisted in doing this because all his children want was money from their father. So, she decided to end him being the bank for his children. I remembered when this came out. I wondered if his kids were only just visting him for money. You read that here on AC, too. Once the parent has no more money, the kids disappear. Except Casey Kassem is rich. So, of course no one is willing to abandon visiting him. The children then took her to court for rights to see their father. It makes one wonder where wife & Casey went, doesn't it? Wife made the situation worse. By doing this disappearing act, the judge ruled that the daughter get temporary POA (???). Unfortunately, no one knows where they went.

I don't forsee a reconciliation. Wife believes the children only visit him for money. The children believe their stepmother wants ALL of his assets for herself.
This is a sad situation and hopefully Casey Kasem is safe and getting help. Hopefully his wherabouts are known ASAP. Its sad when family fight, and money in the crossfire always makes for disaster.

I pray for everyone everywhere with loved ones with these diseases.
I would think that at this stage his money is already trusted or willed.. According to the daughter all their visits were accompanied by security and timed..

I agree that the wife is not so swift taking him away to an unknown place. That does not help her case at all. I totally think her lawyer is lying that he doesn't know where he is?
This is one of the ugliest public cases I've seen. I don't know the truth of what is going on, but I'm sure the ones involved can see. The tale reminds me so much of some that I read here, so I just nodded when I read about Casey. Both sides may feel they are in the right, but just don't like each other. I hope it works out to the best interest of Casey. He doesn't need to be putting up with extra turmoil in his life. But who knows? Maybe that is what was being avoided.

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