I feel guilty because caring for mom makes me depressed and frustrated.

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Mom is not doing well, has dementia and depression and has her third urinary tract infection since August. Had her in the emergency room twice for UTI because she has vomiting and diarea really bad with it. The last time, I sat on a hard chair in the emergency room from midnight until 6 am watching her vomit. This time I knew what to look for and had the home health nurse test her urine as soon as she started vomiting and sure enough, another UTI so back on antibiotics again. She can't remember to take her bucket with her and vomits on her very light beige carpeting. She also can't control her bowels and wears depends, but has had diarea several times and left a black trail on the carpeting. This is not fun!!!! :(

I keep telling myself this is where God wants me to be and He is taking care of me. I am His servent. This too shall pass. But it's very depressing and frustrating. I miss my life, babysitting my grandkids, my friends, my church, and my independence. I have no life here, just taking care of her and cleaning up after her. She treats me like I'm twelve. I know some of you have it so much worse than I do. I have to be strong and have patience. I feel guilty because my frustration shows in my tone of voice, but I can't seem to help it, it just comes out that way. I pray for God to help me deal with this cause I can't do it on my own.


Have mom checked for CDiff (colitis difficultus). If she has been on antibiotics that much.....Google CDiff. It is and has been at epidemic proportions for years but the med profession is trying to keep it quite because it's their fault.
When antibiotics are taken over an extended period of time (esp. intraveinous) all the good bacteria in the bowels is killed along with the bad. The problem is that there is a bad bacteria that produces "spores" that are not killed but "hatch" when the antibiotics are stopped. THIS CAN BE DEADLY!!!!!!!
PLEASE.....The only prevention I know of are sacromyces (Florastor) and daily yogurt which replace the good bacteria to keep a balance. The only cure I know of is starvation which gives nothing for the bacteria to feed on.
try feeding her yogurt , dr has told me to give dad yogurt every morning cuz he needs the good bacteria to fight with the bad bacteria . dad has fewer uti than before , he s faithfuly eatin yogurt every morning . i could tell a big diffrent ,
i buy them at walmart its only 2 dollars a pint i think its a pint . last him all week ,
am so sorry to hear ure cleaning up this terrible mess , it suxs i know . yuk .
Does the yogurt and medication help? or do they just sort of pass you off and say it is what it is? Anti-biotic's make some people sick to their stomachs as well...I hope she is doing better...You are a very good person to do all you do...many people just walk away. Remember you are being someones angle
Mom won't eat yogurt, have tried several times...thanks anyway.
I'm so sorry. Many cliches come to my mind, but basically I just want to say how sorry I am that you are experiencing such difficulties. Prayers for peace and strength go up for you. Vent away anytime. We're listening and we care.

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