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I am the caregiver to my 85 year old mother in law who lives with my husband and me. Helen is her name. She can do most things her self. She does have COPD, congestive heart failure, incontinence And arthritis. Most days her mind is sharp as a tack and others she is forgetful. Some days she is the "Mom" I never had and others she is a stubborn 2 year old. Finding this forum has helped me a lot. I love her so much but she can frustrate me just as much. I also suffer from major depression and anxiety. I've never had patients till now. More than anything I treat her the way I would treat my mother and with respect and dignity. Some days with her I never want to end and others I'm ready to put her in a nursing home. That makes me feel horrible. I'm also about to start babysitting my 8 month old god daughter here at my house full time and hubby is starting a new job. I look forward to seeing other stories and reading feedback. I'm not perfect but I want to give her the very best!


Share what you know, and learn from others. Welcome aboard!!
Thank you pamstegman! I have a lot to learn for sure.
Welcome, amiladams. It is good to have someone new in the group. This is a great place to get ideas and to vent. We all have those days that we wish we could just disappear. I'm just always glad that it isn't every day. Your MIL sounds like a jewel mostly. Glad you're here.

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