How has caregiving impacted your church attendance/participation?

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Being a caregiver can make it more difficult for some people to attend church. What has been your experience?

If a church created an interactive way you could participate online in worship services and other activities, would that be helpful?


Yes it has impacted my attendance and I miss it. I pay someone to come over while I run to church but I sit there feeling guilty and gets expensive as I have to pay someone everytime I go out for anything - groceries, scripts, mental health etc. I do consider church a mental health time so it is worth it to me to pay for a friend to stay at my house so I can get out and go to church.
Thank you for your response. I think this is something that is common for those who are caregivers. Would you consider attending church online if you could do more than just watch it - chat, comment on blogs, see a live host, have access to study material, etc.?
caregiving should have no effect on your church attendance. i did not attend church beore, during, or after the caregiving had ended.
My Mother didn't like for my sister to leave to go to church. They didn't live together, but she still complained, because it was the one hour of the day that Mother couldn't call her on the phone. If you need the respite that church gives you, see if you can get there.
I figured out ways to do what was important to me. For example, I always attended my support group. I was/am not a church-goer.

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