I had a good laugh today :)

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My husband's short term memory is very bad, and today my son was talking to him about not calling him so often. ( I have all our phone numbers written beside the phone for my husband). My husband looks at my son and says, " I've only called you once today, maybe twice". My son starts showing my husband on his call alert all the times he called, they counted 15 calls. My husband looks at me with this incredulous look on his face and say's "And I don't even know his phone number". I could not help but laugh,my son laughed too, he said I guess I'm lucky you don't know it.


Enjoy laughs like that, you never know when things could change. By the way, I needed that laugh too.
Oh that is priceless... I love those moments...a few months back, S woke up from his nap, he is usually a little disorented at first, but this time he was really agitated... I asked him what was wrong, "How the hell did I get HERE?"
I did laugh, and after a few seconds he did too, tho I know he had no idea why either one of us was laughing.... priceless moments and memories.....thanks for sharing...hugs
I laughed, too.............still am...................remember that always!!!!!!!!!

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