Caregiving and my job.


I wanted to get some input on this. I recently found out my old boss of many years is moving to another position and I am getting a new boss.. someone hired from outside the company. I have an introductory meeting with him tomorrow.

Right now, caregiving for my elderly parents consumes my life outside my job. What are the opinions about mentioning this to my new boss? My old boss knows some about it but probably not to the extent that is taking over my life.

One reason I might mention is that I can't handle any changes .. like traveling or relocating or adding any more stress to my life... but I don't want to let it effect my current job either. I have taken most all my vacation time tho for dr. appts, rehab, hospital stays...etc.

I'm sure he will want to know what my life entails right now.. so it will be hard not to at least mention it. I want to be honest but don't want to jeopardize my job.


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Katie, for fun, you enjoy reading. (You read this site, right?) Keep it simple and upbeat. Having additional caregiving responsibility makes you an organized caring employee. There are occasional emergencies, but they've taught you the value of flexibility. You've learned how to manage in a crisis and how preparation is a valuable tool, both in life and on the job.

Katiekay, have you looking into FMLA at your job? It will at least give you a legal protected cushion if you need it,. Yes, you still have to use your leave/PTO, but your job is more secure.

Thanks freqflyer.

I guess I am also worried about what do you like to do for fun? question that my new younger boss will ask...ughh..

Fun (or interesting) is just not really in my itinerary nowadays.

^^^^ wish we could edit our postings, sorry for the double information :P

I wouldn't say anything unless your new boss brings up the subject of outside interest. I would keep it brief, just saying that your parents are in their golden years and you are helping them as much as you can. Then leave it at that.

I, too, had taken all my vacation days, sick days, and days without pay to help my parents, but I had refused to quit my job as my Dad had once asked. Now I find it handy to saying *no* to the many times my parents need to go somewhere. Now their doctor appointments, hair cuts, shopping, etc. are arranged around my work schedule, not theirs.

Yes, I, too, throughout the years used up all my work vacation days, sick days, and half days without pay to help with my parents, mainly driving and running errands.

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