A Caregiver's Vow.

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Being a caregiver will teach you valuable life lessons. Along this journey, I have made many mental notes to myself regarding my own impending old age that I would like to share.
1. I vow to plan my old age in advance
2. I vow not to become a burden to my children.
3. I vow not to resist having to pay for an outside caregiver
4. I vow not to be negative
5. I vow to continue to exercise and eat right in order to remain healthy as long as possible.
6. I vow to remain socially active and not rely on my children as a source of entertainment.
7. I vow to use the local senior center.
8. I will be open to learning new things no matter how old I get.
7. I will be nice to the people who are trying to help me
8. I will not become stubborn. I will listen to advice with an open mind
9. I will accept the assisted living option and spend the rest of my days there as happily as I possible can.
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It's a wonderful path to follow.
Excellent list.... I would add to my list "update my Will/Trust/POA on a regular basis.

And to put all this down in writing in case I find myself with serious memory issues and claim I never said any of that :P
Maybe the very first vow should be "I will never get dementia."

Many of the others will be hard to control if you are not in your right mind.
My MIL said all of that. Then Dementia set in......
Yes, I do hope that I can avoid the dementia thing. I think if I can keep my mind active, I might have a better shot. In the event that I don't develop dementia, I will keep my vows :)
Its likly you will forget making such vows. What you have that will not be lost is who you are inside. My Grandmother was always sweet and kind with love abounding for everyone. Even though she forgot most things love ruled her life to the end. My other Grandmother had land and servants, everything had to go her way. As she aged she became more demanding, more harsh then started to lie, talk bad about all things. The bitch and complaining was nonstop. So who you are in sprit maybe the only thing you will be in the end. My loving Grandmother die forty years ago and I think of her almost every day, she must be with the saints. My other died maybe sometime around then too, what ever. Increase your love yet dont allow youself to be robbed of it, this is your only protection. Money and vows are worthless only love remains, and greater love will arrive on the day you die, then you will be reborn in it and live forever. The others I dont know

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