Caregivers venting for therapy. This thread is for you!

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Sometimes, you just gotta let it out, or you may just burst. You may not need an answer, or sympathy, or even acknowlegement, but let it out! Go ahead, you can do it!
No judgment, just acceptance! Hoping it will remain a safe place to vent.
Reminder, disclaimer: Still a public forum, but we care about you here!


"Caregivers venting as therapy." Can you search for it?
Oops, should have picked a better name.
Caregivers venting for therapy. This thread is for you.
Should have been:
Venting caregivers.
Maybe admin can help change this. I am reporting it.
I can't even find it!!!
My vent therapy?
Hi Sendme, I'm hired caregiver for dementia 93/W/F. I usually trying not complain or vent... because if you are hired to be private caregiver then some problem came up you have to deal with client's family or whoever hired you. if we do we are wrong professions.... I have a another caregiver who is from agency(I'm a independent caregiver), we have been with same client for almost four years.... nowadays our client wants go to bathroom so many times all day and during night but I do not have any problem but another caregiver does.... couldn't go back to sleep so she request another bed in client room.... client fell couple of time on her watches, when I'm with client at night time I use bed alarm system, it works for me great. I guess every caregiver has different ideas do whatever works for client!! Maybe I'm writing this issue for my another caregiver.
Well, my next plan with family/ client is rase my daily rate (same rate for two years) , if they wouldn't it will be fine because client's family are wonderful and I'm kind of hesitate to ask, just wait to see...
Bumping this up to the top.
I don't think we need a special thread to vent Sendme, half of the posts on here are that already!
Ok then.

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