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I haven't been visiting this website for very long. But, I can tell you that since I found it, it has been a source of great inspiration, support, & understanding. I have visited everyday since I found it! I don't know if this topic is a "discussion" or just a thank you, and thank God! I really believe that I NEED the kindness, understanding, and support I get here. I don't personally know any of you. But, I know that the advice, understanding, support, and love that everyone shares with each other here is genuine, and real. It's such a relief to be able to come here, and vent or ask questions. It's a great place to offer my own experiences, and I great place to heal wounds. Even when opinions differ, it's still a welcoming, and accepting atmosphere. I just love it, and love all of you for being so awesome to me, and to each other. CAREGIVERS ARE SUPERHEROS!!!!


Calicaregiver I could not agree with you more!
Hello Calicaregiver, i am very please to meet you caregivers are special people.
Yes, I agree. I have been here off and on about 2+ years and it is a comfort. Since my caregiving job is no longer demanding, I am happy to give support and encouragement, remembering the most difficult times. We do care:) xo
We are pretty cool, aren't we? Even if we do say so ourselves. Now don't you think we need some new superhero clothes and shoes? :)
Who IS that exhausted individual??
Faster than a speeding power chair...more powerful than the strongest cleaning to leap to his/her feet at a single cry for help...It's a nurse...It's a therapist...and psychologist, pharmacist, dietician...chef, chauffeur, bookkeeper, interpreter....personal assistant, legal assistant, diplomatic emissary (did I miss any?)...sadly, in some cases - servant, scapegoat, whipping post...
We ARE quite extraordinary...the League of Extraordinary Caregivers! I think we might even deserve our own official "headquarters" complete with full service spa, five star restaurant, and professionally staffed respite unit...all supplied and funded of course by a mysterious, enormously wealthy philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous.
Think I'll pass on the cape and spandex, but I wouldn't mind a flashy hip new superhero-gone-incognito type wardrobe....and maybe a cool shiny badge that I could flash now and then, like at the pharmacy...or the parking lot at the grocery store - "Sorry m'am/sir, I'm going to need to take that parking space...L.E.C.official business." LOL ;)
I haven't been visiting here long either, and I agree with everything calicaregiver has said. I still tend to "lurk" more than I post but this site has become my oasis in what was once a desert of despair. I only wish I'd found it five years ago...better late than never I guess! Thank you Cali for introducing this thread, and thank you EVERYONE for "being there". Together we ARE the L.E.C.!!!

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