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I am trying to see if there would be support for a new discussion thread for caregivers that are trying to diet. A place that they could immediately go to for emotional support when the will gets weak. So many of us seem to ruin our health as soon as mom/pop moves in. We forgo our own MD appts., forget to take our meds, never hear any words of encouragement,give up on our own appearance, simply cease to exist as an individual. I don't want to replace the "whine" thread, it is very important and I use it myself.Also it seems many of use due to our caregiving situation are prisoners in the house and can't go to weight watcher meetings, support groups, live in rural areas etc. This could be a place as close as your computer. I look at this site even late at night, I would love to be of help to someone that is trying to stay out of the refrigerator at 3 AM. Just thought I would throw this out there to see if there is any interest.


There is no doubt that weight gain is a common problem among caregivers...

I think for many of us the double whammy of caregiver stress and menopause make even the idea of dieting especially hard. I know I should reign in those high calorie binges, but when boredom/stress/lack of sleep hit I really don't give a cr*p about my weight, just give me the cookies! And when I do follow a healthy diet for a few weeks I just end up pi$$ed off, as I don't actually lose weight, just stop gaining. I'm so not ready to give up just about the only gloriously sensual pleasure that I have left. Just sayin' ...
well I know my mother moving in with me has been horrible for my diet and health. I lost LOTS of weight by pure exercise before she moved in and was so proud of myself. It took almost 3 years but I was healthy and Happy !! A year and a half since mom moved in and all my efforts have been pretty much flushed down the toilet. my exercise and diet random at best, now days. There are days where a box of cupcakes are my only I'm surprised I'm not eating one now as I'm reading
When Mother broke her neck and our lives changed forever that day,I had already been working hard on a diet.Through all the walking at the hostpital and the constant chores and never stopping,I have lost 185 lbs. and kept it off now 9 years.My top weight was 296 lbs.and today,i weigh 104 lbs.I wrote down every morsel and stayed under 1000 calories a day.I ate yogurt,oatmeal,and slimfast...and I got all my upper teeth pulled and dentures and I started to make an effort at going to the bathroom the right way.It has taken alot of hard work and effort but I am very grateful I did it then.My ortopedic surgeon is very proud of me too,because he had already done aurthoscopies on both my knees.Also,Mother and I would never be able to fit and manuever in her tiny handicapped bathroom with my past weight.
I have fought my weight since the third grade.Iv'e done every diet you can imagine from Tops,Teen,Dieteria,Elaine Powers,Herbalife,etc. and even colonic enemas.I also went to Over eaters Anonymous but after I'd loose some weight,it would always come back with more.Growing up in the 60's,there were no clothes for fat little girls and I will always be grateful to Mother for the clothes she made for me.In the 80's I worked at a ladies plus size clothing store called Catherine's Stout Shop.Later they dropped it to just Catherine's which is still in bussiness today.When I worked there,I got bigger than I ever had and wore a size 32 pant and a 4x shirt.My weight has held me back with some things in my life and now I do have health problems for carrying so much weight for so many years now,especially my feet and I have horrible arthritis.
Anyway timbuktu,I think this is a great thread for us caregivers.I know I could gain back every pound and atleast 50 more.
I know its very hard to eat a healthy diet for me and my Husband. My MIL is needing to gain weight, therefore she requires everything with "gravy" for dinner.. Chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes and gravy- sausage and gravy.. Good grief ! also she always wants sweets. I used to keep these items out of the house! The other issue is I can no longer get to the gym regularly. I would need to have someone sit with her. I feel like my own health has been on hold for a year.
My mother moving in with me destroyed a whole year of getting almost 50lbs off .I have regained every one of them in the 3 yrs. she has been here. She has a shopping trip once a week and brings home soft drinks,candy,chips. I feel like a recovering alcoholic living in a bar.The thing is I have to outlive her because if I don't she has NO ONE, I am an only child and she is an only child, no nephews,nieces, cousins. Also , I have no children.If I want to have any kind of life I have to get this weight off. I feel like I am carrying around another person.Some days are better than others but I have got to find another way to reward myself other than with food.
Okay for all you caregivers out there, TAKE your meds today. No matter how tired your are, TAKE a shower.Now if I will just listen to my own advice. Really, though if anybody needs to talk, I am always roaming on this site, so much good info.Trying to curb emotional eating is rough,I deal with it everyday.
Timbuktu, great idea! I bet lots of us will benefit.
My downfall is candy and always has been.I go through spurts of enjoying different kinds.Sugar,I love it!
It probably adds to my moodiness though to have the ups and downs of sugar but I crave it...
Dang it lucky, now you made me want candy....

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