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Scrape together some money (or better yet use the money of the ones we care for and have bled for), hire someone to care for them for three days, and we all go to Vegas and party till we can't stand up anymore! Drink, Dance, Laugh, Eat and More! (And it's OK to throw up, too, but only if it's from having too good a time versus from stress!) A judgement-free zone where the only thing frowned upon is......frowning!

We'll tell stories of our crazy "care-takers" and how they drive us totally nuts, and we'll laugh until the sun comes up and then sleep all day until it's time to hit the clubs again!


Dunwoody,I must say I love your idea to let loose. I have to say though the drinking part, I will have to pass. That was a Huge, Major, Problem in in the big picture when I started taking care of my Mother who has Alz.. It wasn't my Mother but my brother who has the alcohol problem . I agree, being a caretaker really does alot to us mentally and physically, we tend to lose a part of who we are.
This sounds like a great idea...only I would go for a caregivers picnic instead. Less costly and only involve a few hours away from responsibilities.
CareGiver ConventionThanks for giving us humor in the midst of our sadness :-)
I would rather have the convention out by a calm lake with swans floating around on it. (The words "where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be glad to see those men in their clean white suits" are going through my mind as I type this.)
Thanks for all your comments. They mean a lot to me. Listen, Guys. We do what we do because we are good people. There is no inherent good or bad in this world. Sacrificing for our parents is not "noble." It's just something we do. But one thing I am learning is that I want my mother to be cared for and comfortable, but I no longer am going to sacrifice my own life to do it. There is no final justice in the world --- only the justice we give ourselves. And we have to take care of ourselves. I've bled for my mother, but I am not going to die for her. And that is my choice. We all have our own to make.
Dunwoody101 I have often thought of a similar scenario. I'd love to do this we got a designated driver... I'm guessing from her post lisetta could babysit us, she has the experience! (no offence lisetta) we will need a sober guide we can trust!!!!
I had one night out during my crazylife of full time care giving, I was way over the limit but thanks to good friends I was driven home safely. I vented away as I drank but no one really got that I was longing for a ME time and the added bonus was blowing off my sister when she called to complain about Mom's needs (one night sis couldn't take it, the best part, I didn't care I was too drunk and thought it was funny) !!!!
Good for you! We have to be protective of ourselves or we will slowly die. Our parents don't determine our lives (no matter how much we think they do because of their illness). We do. You have a spirit and never let anyone, not family or friend, take that away from you. I salute you!
We can do a 2-part convention. For those of you who are in the wild side, you can do all your drinking/partying at nights. For those of us who are of the tamer version, we can do tours and eat out on restaurants that serves fabulous food!

Dunwoody, I live one day ahead of you all. I will see if your ebook will be free on my Saturday. If not, I will check on Sunday...I've heard that your book was humorous. I even had it on my Wish List. =)
Thanks, Bookworm. I have scheduled a free download of the ebook version of Dunwoody Journal on Amazon for this Saturday. So make sure you get it! I promise that it will make you LOL, which means laugh out loud, right? While my mother's dementia is the narrative, it's really about my life as a caregiver, and I believe many will find that the book is speaking to them. Most of the book is true, although I've taken a few 'creative liberties' such as "Louie the Talking Parrot."
We should have "local caregiver chapters" that get together occasionally for happy times and to seek advice/support from others. Then........once a year have a convention blowout!! And out of respect and appreciation for Dunwoody101 we should absolutely do the first in LV. Some of us will pass on the drinking, but I'll bet NONE of us will pass on the fun and companionship of like minded folks. THANKS DUNWOODY101!!

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