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I care for a 90 year old lady who recently fell and got a black eye from falling. After she fell I made her she was okay notified her son and granddaughter of the fall took a picture and sent it to all of them. I even sent it to the care giver coming on after me who said that everything was ok soon after that the family decided a
they wanted to fire her for stealing money the Dr has said she's a fall hazard and this caregiver has seen her fall when she doesn't get her way she'll throw herself down now that she's bee
.n terminated she's hollering abuse knowing that it wasn't. I believe the sheriff wants to convict me. and send me to jail but so far he's only taken statements the family doesn't want me to go to jail they asked me not to quit the APS lady is getting one more statement from the family tomorrow then I'll probably get arrested if they know she's a fall hazard will they look at that or does it automatically mean I did it. I supposedly was rude and yelled at her I yelled to be heard because she's deaf what do y'all think.


Innocent, we need more information and more clarification. What are the medical issues of the 90 year old? Does she have Alzheimer's/Dementia? Has she been a fall risk in the past? Is she required to use a cane/walker and refuses to use one? Does she get weak when she stands?

Does the 90 year old want her own son to take care of her, thus she cries wolf saying she fell, or purposely falls so that the paid caregivers are forced to leave? Some elders can be pretty clever this way.

Why would you think you would be arrested and sent to jail? You said her doctor said that the 90 year old was a "fall hazard". The doctor could put that in writing. Said 90 year old could be in a room full of doctors, nurses, and Aides, and still find a way to fall in a split second.
Don't panic.

Who is alleging that you were verbally abusive? The same caregiver who's been fired for theft? Anyone else?

If it's your client, is this lady of sound mind or does she have dementia as well as being a falls risk?

Apart from you and the soon-to-be-gone (or already-gone) other caregiver, is there anyone else on the caregiving team?

If the family is backing you up, and other than this current situation you're happy with your job, the best thing to do is take deep breaths, tell the truth and shame the devil. What makes you believe the sheriff is out to get you? - isn't it more likely that he's being hypervigilant over the welfare of a "helpless" dear little old lady (and as a corollary indifferent to your feelings)?

What you're going through is really rattling and miserable; but the reality is you haven't done anything wrong and that fact is well documented: it's not unreasonable to be quietly confident that this will all come right in the end. Keep calm and carry on; and meanwhile do you have any back up from an agency or are you a member of a professional association or union? These would be good sources of legal advice, should you come to need it.
Her conditions are alzheimers/dementia/sundowners. Yes she's been a fall hazard before she also throws herself down when she doesn't get her way. We haven't gotten the dr. to write it down yet but it was sent home after a test on a formal business head Doesnt the police department arrest and charge all elder abuse allegations. The sheriff said he was going to bring me down to the station for further questioning doesnt that mean theyve got enough evidence to prosecute me. We havent told the police that the girl stole from us we are afraid it dounds like retaliation on het part why did you wait until you got fired to report it Jail is what they will go for in georgia im so tired of waiting to be arrested I cant eben take care of other things terrified of maximum jail time ASP lady returns in 1 month sheriff has been quiet when will the investigation stopand ill know its safe. Will they even consider the families wishes
Innocent, if APS thought there was a real problem they would be more vigilent in their investigation. I was investigated on two separate allegations. APS showed up at the door, interviewed me and both elders, then did not bear from him again for 6-8 weeks. I was told the reason was that it was clear there was no abuse or exploitation occurring. I live by "Don't worry about something you cannot control until you know for sure there is something to worry about".
Even though dhe had a black eye and were police involved the black eye scares me although APS only saw it through a picture what if they call me to the station will i be arrested do to the black eye.

She said dhhe was coming back next month.
Innocent, if it were me, and was told they are coming back next month, I would relax a bit. If they were concerned, thought she wasn't safe, they would have done something immediately to protect her from you. Belueve me I know how stressful the not knowing can be, been there done that. What gave me more comfort than anything is knowing I had not done anything I had been accused of doing! And I had witnesses to my treatment of them, neighbors, doctors, other people that I have to deal with regularly.
I don't know when the police will be back around I'm looking for legal council. I have her families word and one other and that's it.
Good idea. How long have you cared for this person? If APS is involved than you may not hear from the police until their investigation is complete.
I thought the cops only got involved if there was proof enough to.

Almost a year and which statement is a good idea.
If APS is still talking to the family then you should be ok based on other things you said. Do you work for an agency or yourself?

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