Caregiver survival mode.

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If you cg for awhile you may feel like you are in survival mode most of the time; this can lead to adrenal fatigue. Welcome to my world.


Are you diagnosed with a medical condition, or talking about having to be alert ALL the time? I find myself dropping all my standards, but I'm managing to convince myself that I'm pretty calm.
I'm exhausted. And mom really is no trouble. But she clings to me to the extent that I want to hide, and not be found for A While.............long while!
Too much "togetherness", is just exhausting.
Only private time is the bathroom, shower, or etc.
Other than that, she's my shadow.
If I were to tell her that I need space, she'd be crushed.
I can tell I get snappy with her or hubby. There are times they BOTH
WANT OR NEED SOMETHING, talking in stereo to me................
No, I have no one's help.
Five years, and going, going, going strong.

Good nite all good caregivers, especially if you are taking care of your
patient AT HOME!!!

I understand what you are going through , because I am in the same boat. My is going on for 4 years and it is tough situation. I am a Christian so I believe that God will not let me handle a situation which I am unable to be in. These includes the goods and the bad, to made a long story short , you got to find something happy for yourself to do and the key is not something that could/ may come back to hurt you. These could be anything like drawing, leave the house take and take a walk every morning , or every few hours. Whenever you feels you need to take a break. Also , watch YouTube is helpful, it offer cooking demonstration which we can learn from it. Good luck and keep up the Good Work !!!!
I am now under a therapist's care.

I have hobbies, but mom wants to be a part of this too. I welcome her, and then, because of the dementia, she's very annoyed and doesn't want to do it after all.

She won't do things by herself any more.

I do my hobbies, and pray I am capable of doing the best I can for now.

ive been divorced for 16 yrs now -- was married for 16 years before that . my mom needed me for the last 7 yrs . looking back , it was all good . i lived , loved , raised kids , and provided a domestic partner for my moms last few years of life . to my surprise it didnt kill me . you might even say i didnt have a damm thing more important to do anyway .
my youngest son has his slightly demented grandpa living with him right now . im right proud of the kid and when its all behind him he'll stand a half a foot taller than his peers .
im not trying to gloss anything up , im just looking at CG from the other side now .
I call it chronic stress disorder. I imagine that many of us have high cortisol levels that are not good for us. The only "cures" I know for chronic stress is to escape the situation or to find ways to calm ourselves. Some people use exercise, some yoga, and others meditation with relaxation. Whatever works for a person is good.

Humor is also a great cure for chronic stress. I am surprised to find that when I kid around my stress level goes to zero. This includes poking fun at myself. It lets me see that all is not so serious.
A good laugh has such a wonderful effect for sure. I made a pledge to have at least a good laugh a day. I'm not so important to be stressed. I'm just a speck in the fabric of the whole universe which is unfolding as it should. Not so important to not be able to laugh about stupid stuff that happens or at my own self and my silly efforts sometimes to be in control. Of course if Trump the Bully succeeds and I get on the wrong side of him, which I am already, having called him out for his bull$hit on people with differing abilities, women, Muslims and many others including me, I may be calling on some Canadian friends for safe harbor for my entire family, and that is a lot of us and a dog, so watch out!

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