Shunned because of my role in doctor suspending my legally blind mother's license. Please refer to my profile story. Hard Holidays.

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Hey. You did what you needed to do to protect your mother and innocent people from getting hurt or killed. Ignore the shunners. They were/are too ignorant to do what needed to be done. Be Proud of your strength to do what was needed. Turn a deaf ear to the naysayers. Gold star to you, I say. :-) Say a prayer for them to find the courage to acknowledge you stepped up! Blessings.
It ain't easy being the adult in a tough situation. You did the right thing and probably saved your Mother's life, if not the life of an innocent person. Just let it go. It does not matter what anyone thinks or says, you know the truth and have no reason to justify what you did.

Congrats!! I just wish there were more children like you dealing with their elderly drivers.

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