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Was told by AL that Mom is not eating. Dr has called in Megace. I feel like the world is totally different this morning. Strange. After months of being primary contact to her, am I just now feeling the mortality of her situation? Any counsel would be appreciated . . . Is it time for hospice?


Caremiss - if she is just not eating but doing everything else, i.e. drinking, going to bathroom, etc. it does not sound like it's time for hospice to me unless there are other things going on too. My mother-in-law had to take Megace too. She ate so little and eventually winded up not eating anything at all. Megace helped her and she lived a long time afterwards. I also gave her Ensure in between meals or on days she ate nothing. Elderly lose their taste buds and food winds up not tasting as good as it used to, unfortunately. But hopefully the Megace will help your mom too. Good luck!!
Yes, I think you just got a kick Take one day at a time and tell her you love her every day. Any one of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Don't start mourning until you have to. Just enjoy her every day you can. Hug
Thank you for the good words . . . Megace appears to be helping. Enjoying her and each day, as much as I can. This forum has really helped me so much. I am so grateful. Everyone, have a good weekend!

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