Some days I wish I could pick my battles instead of keeping my mouth shut!!

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My patience is wearing thin... I soooo wish I could get my point across... What happened to my mother with the sense of humor who would "give it back to me"..Now it's just "Oh poor me", "you're so mean"... "Mean" because I take damn good care of you, I have more patience with you than I do with anyone else.. I just want to scream....


Me, too! I am learning, albeit painfully slow, that I don't have to be brutally forthright in every interaction with anyone. It goes against the grain but yet it makes things smoother sometimes.
babalon, I agree with you. Since I have moved in to take care of my mom 24/7 I have found that she doesn't care to hear what I have to say & I have come to realize I just need to learn to listen to what she is saying. It is making things much smoother between us but at times I do forget & try to initiate conversation which she always interrupts. I am also learning to keep my attitude more positive so I am able to improve myself while assisting my mom.

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