Caregiver, past or present, what have you done for yourself today?

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I am a recovering caregiver. When your world is focused on those you care for it is very difficult to make yourself a priority. But, you should be. I cared for my mom with Alzheimer's Disease for four years. That ended, due to dysfunctional family dynamics, two years ago. I am still recovering and each day try to do something for me.


Today? I used to love working in my yard, it was a lot of work, great exercise. And I don't need to join a gym. Couldn't do it while caring for mom. She always wanted to help. It was not safe for her, she would get dizzy and overheated. This weekend, six years later, I spent the day in the yard. A house I rent, pulling weeds on a neglected yard. Nothing better than being able to admire the fruits of that labor. It will probably not be until August or so. But, it will be great!

Going to see mom tomorrow. She is on hospice and near the end.
I like this idea for a thread, Glad!

I had planned a small fire and s'mores for the grandkids last night, and ended up with a yard full when DD brought friends and their kids home. I didn't mind much, but just would have preferred a quiet evening. I'm glad I had the supplies to make s'mores for everyone, they had fun, no one stepped in unseen dog doo (I clean up every other day, but it seems there's always some that escapes me!), and no one fell into the fire pit. Considering that one of the guest kids was what my ex would call a "hot ball of wax", I guess that's all that matters!

Today I went and got groceries, a few things for upcoming trips, and on the way home, decided to take the long way and just enjoy a little more time to myself. I rode out through the country and up and down a few country roads before finally heading home. Made one small wrong turn and ended up on a road that runs through the middle of a CAFO farm, which smelled to high heaven - I forgot where that road lead to. It was bad, but not as bad as it sometimes is, when it's been hot for weeks - then it's enough to make your eyes water. Enjoyed my ride, though. Splurged a little and bought a scented wax warmer and some scented wax cubes (which I paid for and promptly left behind, so I have to go back and get them tomorrow - another trip out of the house for me -ha!).
Today I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I had a glorious time doing it - sat on the deck in the shade - 85 degrees out. As to not be a total loss, I did exercise my arm a time or two as I lit a smoke...
CAFO? Lots of those here too. Maybe the scented wax is to help the car recover? And doing absolutely nothing is great too!

And smores? And you actually had Graham crackers, marshmallows, Hershey bars and a fire to cook those marshmallows on? Absolutely amazing and wonderful fun!
CAFO is a confined animal feeding operation?
I am sipping a Miller Lite while reading this and thinking about if I want to read or watch one of the old Agents of Shield shows. Earlier today I went for a walk, but after spending the morning on heels, that really wasn't so enjoyable. My feet hurt even in my Nikes.
I prefer the MGD especially after the yard work! And my feet feel like they are burning.
I had to look up MGD. :)

My feet let me know that I'm 65 now. I think I need to ditch the heels and start with orthopedic shoes. I wish I liked yard work. People look so happy planting and seeing their beautiful things grow. Sometimes I plant things, but they die quickly. Definite brown thumb here. I tried to grow some kale and parsley for the rabbits once, but the squirrels and cats laid waste to the garden quickly. After watching the stray cats pooping in the garden I would have been scared to give the food to the rabbits. No telling what kind of parasite might be in it.
Ahh, Jess, just another variety of fertilizer. Have tried to grow tomatoes so many times. Each time a failure. But, I am trying again. We will see. So many seeds to plant. But I was not going to try tomatoes from seed.

They make a mgd lite version too. Cannot find it here though.
Ah! Tomatoes. I can grow them until the big wooly booger worms strike. Those hornworms are terrifying.

I was reading a thing on how Native Americans used to plant corn, beans, and squash together. Corn takes a lot of nitrogen, which the beans provide. And the squash covers the ground, keeping the weeds out. Maybe squash would also keep the cats and squirrels out.

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