Caregiver Olympics - Any Event Suggestions?

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Any caregivers out there with a sense of humor left? Watching the Olympics made me wonder if caregivers would get more recognition and assistance if more people were aware of the tremendous feats we accomplish day after day. So, do you have an event suggestion for the Caregiver Olympics? Anyone? How about:

1. bed linen change challenge: bed change with a person still in the bed (points for gentleness, neatness, etc)
2. make the dr appt on time: You must juggle: late transportation, last minute clothes change due to spill and ask minute bathroom break
3. Find the right Medicare drug plan: who can navigate the Medicare drug plan selection site and come up with the best plan
4. Bed pan relay race: make it to your destination without spills


How about how many times you can answer the same question...
Speak loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but not your elder....
Trying to get one elder in the car while the other one is wandering down the drive way...
Fixing all meals that taste like chocolate because the elder only wants sweets....
Remainig calm under all circumstances.....
Breathing, just breathing.....
Too funny!

How loud can u get the tv w/o breaking your eardrums and blowing the speakers?

How many ways can you come up with to make taking a shower fun and appealing for a senior with dementia?

How much bleach can you add without making white spots on the colored laundry?

How many times (out of ten) can you successfully enter a post on AC from your I-phone without dumping it or changing the intended meaning with your out of control auto-corrector?!
I forgot about the TV Kimbee, this is a great thread, are we the only three with a sense of humor...???
You guys are too funny!

Nothing too add (my creativity is broken right now), but thanks for the laugh. :)

Thanks for contributing. ok so I'll add a few myself. I find letting my imagination go relieves stress.

Locate the lost glasses, tv remote (fill in the blank) - quickest time wins but extra points for searching thru garbage
The clone challenge: You have been on hold for over 1/2 hour waiting for the dr, insurance rep, medicare rep, (fill in) , just as they come on the line, your family member needs to go to the bathroom, the delivery/repair man shows up.

The slide challenge: longest time without sliding down and needing to be pulled up again wins
1.) Mad Bathroom Dash: Finding the nearest public bathroom in 30 seconds or less
2.) ER Challenge: Gather clothes and toiletries to take to the hospital before time is up
Wheelchair slalom

Course consists of steep downward grade, level section with three consecutive heavy restaurant doors that contestant must hold open while pushing the wheelchair through, one curb down with no cutout and with sand 1” deep on the other side, one curb up with no cutout and with mud extending out from the curb 1.5 meters, long detour to bathroom, and finally a steep upward grade.

Dumping wheelchair passenger is immediate disqualification.

Demerits for each utterance not suitable for a church, mosque, or synagogue: 2 seconds per utterance added to total time. For scuffing passengers shoes or soiling clothing with mud or sand: 2.2 seconds added per instance.

Bonus for passenger smiling at finish line: 4 seconds deducted from total time.
Scavenger Hunt: How fast can you retrieve every item that Mom has hidden in the few minutes she is in the bathroom!!!
I.D. Event: How long does it take for your Police officers to pick up Mom and bring her home after she's wanders, if they pick her up, and bring her home, before you call them, you get the gold!!! Going through more than once is too much a GOLD medal... Because this means Mom has wandered enough that she automatically thinks the police are looking for her like routine and flags them down to go for a ride. How many police officers in your town know your Mom (or Dad) by first name, and you as the caregiver as well! Extra points for police I.D. and returns!!!
Truth or Consequences.
Did she really go to the bathroom before she got in the car?
Did she really swallow her meds, or did she hide it in her pocket?
Did she eat her dinner, or give it to the dog?

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