AND THE CAREGIVER OF THE DAY IS..... Often our tasks are unrecognized especially by those we love the most. Let's appreciate each other!

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She has been caring for one parent or the other for TWENTY years now with patience, determination and grace. She lost her Mom to dementia a couple of years ago. Now her dad is slipping into the throes of dementia and she is determined to see it through.

Nice going, Book!


You, too glad! For helping so many, and for posting this new thread. Thanks for being YOU, glad, generous, understanding, sharing with others. Ah! Plays well with others.
A caregiver to caregivers!
Wait, is this the next day yet?
Does it matter? The whole point is we all do so much that family, especially, do not recognize or appreciate. So, we can appreciate each other!
Isn't is funny that we miss the part of our family member that used to be able to say "thank you" or I know it takes a lot out of you...but that part is usually hidden or missing altogether.

Each one of us should go to a mirror and say "You are doing a great job, Thanks!"

For those of you who don't hear those thank yous...I say "Big Thanks! and Nice going!"
I appreciate the posters who share intimate experiences, solutions and suggestions, even if they do address some of the most difficult and personal challenges of caregiving.
I tried to think of a caregiver of the day. The trouble was that so many names came to my mind. I had a hard time picking just one of them. Two names really stand out to me because of the help they give other caregivers: jeannegibbs and igloo. They are caregivers to the caregivers. Jeanne gives such good advice on handling the personal problems of caregiving. And what would we do without Iggy's advice on Medicaid? Both are huge assets to the AC community.
I want to nominate OregonGirl, for being her partner's loving companion and staunch advocate through the darkest times of their lives. You rock, OregonGirl!!!
Today's caregiver of the day should be those constant and faithful posters who have achieved over 1500 helpful answers and 2000 plus posts. The ones who post just in front of your post, or just behind what you posted. Sort of like a poster's tag-team, supporting each other to help someone asking a question. Way to go there! No names because you know who you are!
She got her Mom out of respite care and has her coming home!
Maybe, if Hope is as strong as she really is, she's going to survive the respite care thing. Her hair must look great, though. Well done, HOPE.
I came to this site because I found that "we are all in this together"!

Hooray to all of us..

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